3 Vacuum Pump Technology Improvements & Uses

Vacuum Pump Technology

The vacuum pump has changed significantly over time since it was first discovered by Otto von Guericke in 1650. The ideas for this type of pump preceded from an earlier technology of the suction pump. Vacuum pumps use rather simple technology. This technology requires creating a vacuum, by moving all molecules of gas from a … Read more

Data Backup: On-Premise or In-the-Cloud?

Regardless of how big or small your business is, keeping your data secure is your number one responsibility as a business owner. Choosing the best backup solution for your business and private customer data will require one to understand the difference between on-premise and cloud backup. On-premise backup is the more traditional way where you … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Residential Construction Project Scheduling

construction worker on construction site

For people on the outside looking in, all construction work looks the same whether there’s a mega construction going on, or a house being built, it’s all construction to us. But, in reality, they’re quite a big difference between commercial construction and residential construction. There is a difference in uses, codes and permits, materials, equipment … Read more

Best Practices For Mobile UX Design for 2021

mobile UX design

With more than half of the world’s Internet traffic originates from mobile devices, mobile UX can be rightly called the driver a third screen revolution. In fact, the average user has at least two to three frequently used mobile devices. That makes mobile UX design a matter of existence for developers. UX designing for mobiles … Read more

5 Tips to Choosing the Best Virtual Reality Headset

Retailers sold 22 million Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets in 2017 according to CCS Insight. CCS Insight expects this figure to rise to 121 million by 2022. VR headsets will account for 92.3 million of these sales. Interestingly, consumers will have a hard time selecting a particular VR headset because hundreds of … Read more