Autozonecares: Complete the survey and win $5000

AutoZone has been in the business since 1979. The company was a pioneer in many vehicle maintenances. That is why everyone in the country still trusts it. AutoZone has to be the first place that comes to mind when shopping for vehicle parts and accessories. So why not lend a hand and be entered into a prize draw?

The AutoZoneCares survey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone who has recently visited an AutoZone shop! It’s just an online survey that you must complete. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to finish. In addition, if you spend 10 minutes on the AutoZone survey, you might win a cash award of $5000!

How much does the average American rely on AutoZone? We would say quite a bit! When your car breaks down owing to a malfunctioning part, you race to an AutoZone store nearby to get a replacement. However, as much as you rely on the firm’s services, AutoZone depends on you to keep the company afloat. That is precisely why they have determined to track down and rectify inconsistencies in each of their stores. What better way to achieve this than with an AutoZone Survey?

The poll gets called AutoZoneCares since AutoZone goes to such pains to ensure that your experience at the store is as enjoyable and easy as possible. All that gets required of the consumer is the survey and a summary of their visit to the site. Check out the suggestion box if you have any concerns or suggestions about the company’s activities. As a reward for your work and time, they’re also awarding a prestigious $5,000 to four fortunate participants.

It’s just a simple thank you for the AutoZone Feedback from the customer. This data can get used to improve the company’s service. The following fundamental terms and conditions apply to this AutoZone Online Questionnaire.

Check this story carefully to understand it all and carefully follow the steps below to get Free AutoZone Rewards.

About AutoZone

Malone & Hyde, the company’s founders, were already running a profitable wholesale food business when AutoZone first opened its doors in 1979 under the name Auto Shack. Auto Shack, on the other hand, was such a great success that it liquidated the food store and focused solely on automobile parts and accessories. They had to alter the name to AutoZone since it was too close to the electronics behemoth Radio Shack at the time.

However, this had only a minor impact on their sales. In fact, by the early 1980s, they had opened over 70 outlets in seven different states, all of which were working successfully. The number of stores has now climbed to a whopping 6300! That is why they require assistance operating so many locations across the United States. So, take the AutoZoneCares survey and help the firm better serve its customers!

Why AutoZoneCares Customer Satisfaction Survey

I’d like to make a little observation for you. Almost every car owner in the country has probably visited an AutoZone store at some point. After all, the company is one of the best parts and accessory producers in the world! There’s simply no doubting that AutoZone sells almost everything there is to know about car parts and accessories. So why not visit the AutoZoneCares website and help the firm out?

The AutoZone survey will only take a few minutes of your time and is completely free! You will get entered into a lottery for a chance to win $5,0000 after completing the survey. The best part is that there’s a bonus. Your recommendations for improving the store’s facilities, services, products, or environment will get implemented if they are deemed reasonable and appropriate.

Win cash prize of $5,000 in AutoZone Survey

It’s not every day that you get entered into a prize draw as large as AutoZoneCares’. After all, $5000 is a colossal sum! However, there are a few requirements that must get met. That is before you can submit the survey and participate in the contest.

Survey Requirements

  • You must be a US citizen, a resident of the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico, to enter the contest. Citizens of other countries vote in the AutoZone poll, but they will not be eligible for the grand prize.
  • The minimum age for entrance is 21 years old.
  • You have the option of doing the survey online at or taking it over the phone. You can also send your responses via email if you like. Regular postal entries, on the other hand, will not be considered for the sweepstakes.
  • To participate in the survey, you must communicate in either English or Spanish. Unfortunately, the AutoZone survey is currently unavailable in any language.

Survey Restrictions

  • Employees and investors of AutoZone, as well as their immediate relatives, are not permitted to participate in the poll. That is due to the possibility that they have a skewed view of the outlet.
  • If you do not have the most current AutoZone receipt, your name will not be in the contest. AutoZoneCares, on the other hand, would not mind hearing about the nature of your visit if you didn’t have a receipt or the draw.
  • The same receipt cannot get used by more than one person to join the draw. Similarly, you cannot participate in the AutoZone poll more than once using separate receipts. An immediate suspension will get imposed if you do so.
  • You are not allowed to give the prize money to anyone else. It is illegal and may result in long-term incarceration if you do so.

Survey Participation Instructions

  • should get typed into your browser. You can also simply click on the link.
  • Choose the language in which you want to complete the survey.
  • Make sure you’re eligible before proceeding to the next page and clicking the ‘I am eligible for the drawing and would like to enter the sweepstakes’ option. If you’re hesitant, go over the sweepstakes’ official regulations once more.
  • Look through your most recent receipt for the reference number (usually found at the bottom). Fill in the boxes on the next page with this number.
  • Answer the questions in the AutoZone survey. Before you choose your selections, think about your experience.
  • After you’ve completed the survey, enter your personal information, which will get used to decide the prize winner. That concludes our discussion.


So, if you have a recommendation or opinion about AutoZone Customer Service, go to and fill out the AutoZone Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can win $5000 for providing honest feedback in the AutoZoneCares Survey.

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