Guide on How to Disable GoGuardian As a Student

GoGuardian helps schools to effectively manage and secure students’ online works including helping them improve their devices and students’ understanding. Most students however feel they don’t get all the privacy they need when they’re signed in to a GoGuardian session, and thus are more concerned about how to disable or block GoGuardian. It is quite … Read more

How to Insert a Checkbox in Word?

Insert a Checkbox in Word

Checkboxes are multifunctional and help you style your document in multiple ways. They are ideal for conducting surveys, especially when you are conducting professional surveys and you want easier updates about the progress of the situation around. Checkboxes make it a lot easier for you to navigate the answers without any further complications. However, as … Read more

How To Do Face Scan on NBA 2k22

how to face scan on 2k22

NBA fans have been going crazy for the new NBA 2k22 game for the last couple of weeks. The latest version of the game finally landed for Xbox, PS4, Android, iOS and other platforms. As the new app started storming every platform, users were also keen to know how to do face scan on NBA … Read more

How to make Snapchat dark mode on Android?

Snapchat dark mode

The introduction of Dark mode on a social media app has become mainstream. Not only does it give it a premium look and feel, but it is also amazing for the vision and doesn’t probe too many blue light reflections, making it many people’s favorite. However, while several other social media apps like Twitter and … Read more

How to Empty Trash on Android?

How to Empty Trash on Android

Doesn’t it happen often that you find your Android smartphone not working optimally and the device starts slagging and becoming slower? Well, make it known that you aren’t the only person experiencing the issue. Unwarranted trash and accumulated duplicate files can be the primary triggers behind the same. More often than not, you will realize … Read more