How to Fix the Tide App Not Working

Tide is a popular mobile banking app designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. It offers business bank accounts, invoicing, accounting, expense tracking, and other financial services all through an easy-to-use mobile interface.

The Tide app aims to help entrepreneurs and small business owners better manage their finances so they can focus on growing their businesses. Since its launch in 2017, Tide has grown to serve over 500,000 customers.

Common Reasons Why the Tide App May Not Be Working

While Tide offers invaluable services for SMBs, like any technology, occasionally users may encounter issues with the app not functioning properly. Here are some of the most common reasons the Tide app may stop working:

Server or App Issues

Sometimes app malfunctions are due to problems on Tide’s end. The servers could be down for maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties that prevent customers from accessing the app. Checking Tide’s status page can confirm if they are having identified problems.

Device Compatibility Problems

The Tide app may fail to work properly if there are compatibility issues with a user’s specific device or mobile OS version. Making sure your device meets the minimum requirements and that both the device OS and Tide app are updated to the latest versions can help resolve this.

Connectivity Issues

Lacking an internet connection, experiencing weak mobile data signals, or connecting through public Wi-Fi networks prone to interference can all cause the Tide app to have trouble loading data. Verify that you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Insufficient Device Storage

If your phone or tablet lacks sufficient storage space, apps may freeze or crash unexpectedly. Check your available device storage and clear space by removing unneeded files and apps if necessary.

App Caching or Corruption

Over time, corrupted cached app data or files can cause functionality issues. Clearing the Tide app’s cache and data files or uninstalling and reinstalling the app will often fix these types of problems.

How to Fix When Tide App Not Working

If you encounter issues with the Tide app on your device, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take to try to restore proper functionality:

Check Tide’s Server and App Status

First, check Tide’s status page to see if they have reported any known issues with their systems. If they confirm identified problems or outages, you’ll have to wait for Tide to complete repairs on their end before the app will work.

Update the Tide App

Go to your device’s app store, search for Tide, and install any available app updates. Updates frequently include bug fixes and performance improvements.

Force Close and Restart the App

Double tap the home button and swipe up on the Tide app preview to force close it. Then restart the Tide app and see if the issues persist.

Reboot Your Device

Fully power down your phone or tablet and then restart it. This will clear out memory and reload all systems, potentially fixing Tide app crashes or freezes.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled or mobile data is turned on and try loading the Tide app. The app requires an internet connection to access current financial data.

Clear the App Cache and Data

In your device settings, find the Tide app, clear cached data files, and clear storage data to remove potentially corrupted files.

Reinstall the Tide App

Uninstall the Tide app from your device, restart your phone or tablet, then redownload and install the Tide app from the app store.

Contact Tide Customer Support

If the troubleshooting steps do not successfully resolve your issues with the Tide app, you can contact their customer support team directly for further assistance.

How to Prevent Tide App Problems

While occasional issues affecting the Tide app’s functionality can occur, you can take proactive measures to minimize problems:

  • Keep Apps Updated– Enable automatic app updates in your device settings and app store to ensure you are always running the latest Tide app version.
  • Maintain Free Device Storage– Regularly clear cached files and unnecessary apps on your device to maintain adequate free storage space for apps to function smoothly.
  • Use Reliable Connections– Connect devices to robust Wi-Fi networks or strong cellular data signals whenever using data-dependent apps like Tide. Avoid using free public hotspots.
  • Restart Your Device Regularly– Power down and restart mobile devices every few days to clear memory, refresh systems, and prevent potential app freezing or crashing issues.


As a vital financial services platform for over 500,000 SMBs, keeping the Tide mobile app running properly is extremely important. While frustrating when the app fails to work correctly, the good news is that most Tide problems can be easily diagnosed and resolved using various troubleshooting techniques. Verify app status alerts, update software, restart devices, check connections, clear app cache files, reinstall apps, or contact support to get Tide working again quickly.

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