How the Gimkit Join Process Works

How the Gimkit Join Process Works

Gimkit is an educational platform that gamifies learning through interactive quiz games. Students and teachers can use Gimkit to create, share, and play quiz games on any topic. The platform makes the process of joining these quiz games simple.

What Is Gimkit?

Gimkit was created by high school students in Seattle who wanted to build a game that made learning fun. On Gimkit, users can:

  • Create quiz games (called “kits”)– Build kits from scratch, import quizzes from Quizlet or CSV files, or copy and edit public kits.
  • Play live games– Host real-time quiz games that students join on their devices and compete to answer questions correctly.
  • Assign games– Assign kits for students to play at their own pace.
  • Track progress– View student gameplay analytics to monitor learning.

The platform is free to use with full functionality, with premium upgrades available.

How to Join a Gimkit Game

Joining a live Gimkit game hosted by a teacher is simple for students:

With a Class Code

  1. Get the class code– The teacher hosting the game will provide a 5-6 digit alphanumeric join code.
  2. Go to com/join– Input the code and your username.
  3. You’re in!– After entering the code, you’ll instantly join the live game.

Without a Class Code

  1. Go to com/join– Click the “Join a random game” button.
  2. Pick a game – Select from a list of active public quiz games.
  3. Enter the join code – Type in the 5-6 digit join code for your selected game.
  4. You’re in! – After entering the code, you’ll instantly join the live game.

Create a Game for Students to Join

As a teacher, you can easily create a live Gimkit game for your students to join:

  1. Build a kit– Create a new kit or import an existing quiz set from Quizlet or CSV.
  2. Set up game options– Choose settings like time limit, question scoring, and win conditions.
  3. Click “Host Game”– This will generate a join code and game link to share.
  4. Share the join code– Provide students with the 5-6 digit alphanumeric code.
  5. Launch the game– Click “Start Game” when ready to begin the live quiz!

Throughout gameplay, you can monitor the class’s progress on the host screen.

Key Benefits of Gimkit Join

Some major advantages of using Gimkit’s joining feature include:

  • Simplicity– Easy for both teachers and students to start or join a game.
  • Speed– Join codes allow instant access without complicated registration.
  • Engagement– Gameshow format and competitive elements keep students engaged.
  • Motivation– Students are motivated to answer correctly to earn upgrades and beat classmates.
  • Data– Teachers get a live data feed to monitor student performance.

Overall, the Gimkit join process facilitates game-based learning that is fun and pedagogically meaningful.

Tips for Joining Gimkit Games Quickly

Here are some pro tips for students to join Gimkit games faster:

Get the Game Code in Advance

  • Ask the teacher hosting for the join code ahead of time.
  • Check if they’ve shared it somewhere visible like on a stream or chat.

Have Your Username Ready

  • Decide your username beforehand so you don’t lose time entering it.
  • Use the same name each time so classmates recognize you.


Enter Codes Carefully

  • Triple check that you’ve correctly inputted the 5-6 digit join code.
  • Incorrect codes will prevent you from joining the right game.

These tips will help you become an expert at joining Gimkit games lightning fast.

How to Fix Common Gimkit Join Issues

When trying to join Gimkit games, you may encounter some problems:

Invalid Game Code

  • Double check you correctly entered the 5-6 digit game code.
  • Ask the host to confirm the code if you still can’t join.

Game is Full

  • Public games have player limits, so can fill up fast.
  • Have the host increase the player limit or try again later.

Wrong Version of Site

  • Make sure you are on the .com Gimkit site, not the .org version.
  • The join feature only works on

Site Glitches

  • Sometimes the site has temporary glitches due to traffic.
  • Refresh the page or try again in a few minutes.

This is how you can resolve most Gimkit joining problems. Reach out to the host or Gimkit support if issues persist.

Final Words

Gimkit’s game joining functionality streamlines the process for both hosts and players. With easy-to-use join codes, students can instantly access live quiz games to engage in active learning. The platform makes it simple to get started playing without complicated logins.

Overall, Gimkit’s join feature facilitates game-based learning that boosts motivation and class participation. Both teachers and students continue finding new ways to leverage Gimkit games to liven up instruction across academic subjects.

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