Fixed Mobile Data Not Working on Android 14

The recent update to Android 14 has reportedly caused various mobile data connectivity issues for many users. From dropped calls to slow internet speeds, the problems seem widespread across multiple phone models including Google Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus, and more.

What’s the Issue?

Android 14 aimed to provide several enhancements focused on privacy, personalization, and connectivity. However, many users have faced the opposite when it comes to connectivity – reporting problems with WiFi, mobile data, and calling functionality after updating.

The exact technical cause is still unclear. Some speculate issues with the modem firmware not being fully compatible with Android 14 changes. Others blame changes made to underlying connectivity services in the OS. Regardless, it is clear that software incompatibilities are leading to the problems.

Things to Watch Out For

Here are some common symptoms that indicate an Android 14 mobile data connectivity problem:

  • Frequent call drops or poor call quality
  • Slow mobile data speeds
  • Difficulty connecting to mobile data networks
  • Loss of signal/connectivity icons on status bar
  • Frequent network timeouts in apps
  • Overall device instability or freezing

If you notice multiple such symptoms after updating, it’s likely you are facing mobile data issues due to Android 14.

Top Fixes and Workarounds

While Google and OEMs work on permanent solutions, here are some fixes you can try to resolve connectivity problems:

1. Check for Carrier Settings Update

Go into Settings => System => Advanced => Carrier Settings Update to check for and install latest carrier configurations. This can improve compatibility with your mobile network.

2. Reset Network Settings

Go into Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, Mobile Data & Bluetooth. This will clear any problematic cached data relating to mobile connectivity.

3. Try Enabling Airplane Mode

Toggle airplane mode on, wait for 30 seconds, then turn it off. This restarts all radios and reconnects to the mobile network, potentially fixing transient glitches.

4. Remove and Reinsert SIM

Physically remove your SIM card, check for any signs of damage, blow away any dust, then reinsert it properly and restart your phone. This refreshes its connection.

5. Factory Reset Your Device

Back up data and then perform a factory reset from recovery mode. This will wipe your device and install a clean OS copy, eliminating any software issues.

The Road Ahead

Google and other OEMs are reportedly working on releasing firmware and software updates to address the various connectivity bugs introduced with Android 14. Most fixes will likely come in monthly security patch updates or maintenance releases.

As the updates roll out, users should see mobile data working reliably once again on their Android 14 devices. Until then, the workarounds discussed above should help alleviate most issues. As always, patience is key.


Mobile data connectivity issues after an Android update are frustrating but also a common occurrence. With Android 14, the problems seem to be widespread but likely stem from software incompatibilities rather than hardware flaws. Users can try various fixes and workarounds to resolve issues in the interim. But more permanent solutions will arrive over the next few months as firmware and OS updates specifically target these bugs.

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