Beautypedia is a Wikipedia for Cosmetic Products

What is Beautypedia?

Beautypedia is an online platform which provides you the honest reviews and detailed information about the cosmetic products of all major brands. It was established by Paula Begoun who is in the beauty and skincare business for more than 30 years. Paula has also written nine editions of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me”. She has her own line up of beauty products which were introduced in 1995 but Beautypedia ensures that all the reviews and analysis of skincare and beauty product relate to the fact and real. The readers can get the most trusted and reliable reviews for more than thousand of products from all the major brands. Since all these years, Beautypedia has been the name of honest and genuine reviews. It will let you know which product is right for your skin and what could be side effects in long term use etc.


Although after the launch of their product line called Paula’ Choice Skincare, beautypedia emphasis on providing its reader and viewers the detailed information about various products in the market. Every person has different types of skin and every product has a distinctive effect on the skin so before you give a try to a new product and ruining your skin for few days so you need to read the reviews and effects of the product. YouTube has produced many cosmetic reviewers but they work for the sponsors so their reviews are trustworthy as they rate the product according to the money they have got. Beautypedia is never biased for any of the products and you will get the honest reviews regardless if it is their own brand or any other.

From the analysis and review from Beautypedia, you can know what could be the possible effects of any product according to your health and skin types. So you will get all the answers to the questions regarding beauty and skincare products. The Beautypedia team uses cosmetic products and test them in the lab then presents the reviews on the scientific facts. Beautypedia is absolutely free and you shall find honest reviews about every product from the major brands. Along with its website, Beautypedia is also available as a mobile application for Android and iOS for free. So next time if you need to of any beauty or skincare product, first get the guidance from Beautypedia – the Wikipedia of cosmetic products.

Why choose Beautypedia | How Beautypedia is significant to choose cosmetic products

Beautypedia is one of the best and oldest platforms to give users trustable and reliable reviews about skincare and beauty products. They rate products according to their value, ingredients, performance, and effects. The analysis of the product is based on scientific research not according to their personal feeling about the product. Beautypedia works hard to provide all the women out there the trustable product and they never have to deal with a product that is bad for them.

Along with Skincare and Beauty products, Beautypedia offers makeup ratings. The specialists at Beautypedia test and compare various products to let users know their opinions of hoe exactly they perform on the skin. They will tell you if the product is worth giving try and value according to your time and money. The team considers the following point while rating and reviewing products:

  • For whom the product is best and how easy is it to use
  • Will product does the same performance in the long run
  • Whether the product has key ingredients which benefit the skin to look younger
  • If the product has some ingredient which may cause irritation to people with a specific type of skin
  • How any product is distinctive from similar products of other brands and is it worth its price
  • The packaging of the product, performance, ingredients, long-term effects and ease of use are also considered while reviewing the products at Beautypedia

How Beautypedia rate the products

Beautypedia provides you honest and unbiased reviews about cosmetic products and it according to their test the products are given a rating. Here are the details about how products at Beautypedia are rated and what does it mean.

  • Five stars (Superior) – The products which have all the key ingredients and which are suitable for all skin types such as world-class products are rated five stars.
  • Four stars (Excellent) – The product which have all the best things but lack some essential ingredients and a little absurd performance can lead them to be placed in Four-star rated products.
  • Three stars (Average) – The products which may not include key ingredient and have an average performance but their low price may attract some customers are given three stars.
  • Two stars – (Below average) The products which aren’t suitable for most of the people and they lack essential ingredients, contain local packaging, and are not worth to their price are given two stars.
  • One star (Poor) – One star rated products are bad in every aspect. They don’t have good performance and effects on the skin, poor packing.

Download Beautypedia App on your device

To get access to Beautypedia easily, you can use its app. The Beautypedia app is available for Android and iOS.

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