Top 7 Alternatives to SEMrush 2021

Those of us who work on the other side of the screen, creating content, making relevant and interesting information for readers, and promoting many things, need to have tools like Semrush. With this tool, we have been able to manage a lot of information about the SEO positioning of internet pages, the scope of articles, among other essential details for digital marketing. Equally, there are other top Semrush alternatives as well.

Alternatives to SEMrush

The world of digital marketing is very extensive because it covers all corners of the web. The job is to try to bring the information to everyone and make it rank among the most relevant searches. This tool is an incredible option to achieve such purposes, but people are looking for other services like SEMrush as well. So, we have made a list of some of the best alternatives to SEMrush in this article.

Google Keyword Planner

It turns out that several times we look for alternatives to SEMrush when in reality we have a fairly acceptable one from our workspace. Google Keyword Planner is capable of providing reports and generating keywords for your website with ranges of 1 and 100 options, according to your niche. Of course, for this, you will need to be registered in Adsense and wait for them to accept your page, otherwise, the work tools will not be unlocked.

Meanwhile, Google Keyword Planner will help you find proposals based on search volume. Actually, it is not the best of all because, despite knowing your search site very well, some gaps are left in the way. For example, you won’t be able to filter keywords by time, just like other proposals do. But to get started with work and enter the world of digital marketing and SEO, it’s not wrong to use its features.


The reason that there are multiple tools dedicated to Keywords is due to their indispensable position in a web page. KWFinder is a very good tool that is available as a paid and free version as well. You can choose up to 25 keywords per search, with which you can start working. In addition, you have the opportunity to analyze which of them has been most relevant throughout the year.

Even, KWFinder will show you the 5 most searched keywords during the day. Something like those that are trends and that correspond to your niche. A function that we really like and that we have not been able to find in the previous ones so far are the autocomplete keywords from Google. When we do a search, it suggests various variations. These also work very well for the positioning of any article, so you already have to work.

Monitor Backlinks

Believe it or not, links are also as relevant to the positioning of your pages as keywords. And, with Monitor Backlinks, you will be able to detect those URLs that are not contributing anything to your website, either because they caused penalties for breaking the rules, for being spam, or for other reasons. You also have the opportunity to analyze links from other sites to find out which sources have been succeeding. It is a payment tool.


With Searchmetrics you will have so many options to get to know your website that you will be satisfied with its results. To start, you should know that it is a software that is capable of generating reports on your page, where common problems such as SEO positioning, space structuring, image optimization, invasive ads, and backlinks are detailed. In addition, you will be able to see results in the form of a waterfall and organized on a single page so as not to complicate yourself much.


The keywords, also known as Keywords, are essential for SEO positioning of any website. These are nothing more than common user searches, so if your site is talking about it, it will probably offer an answer to that question. Ubersuggest is a free tool that you will love because it is designed, primarily, to provide you with an environment based on the keywords of your website.

You do not need to register or do it with your page, but only the main Key Word will be necessary. In a few seconds, thousands of results will appear with your current position in the search engine, according to it. You can also get related keywords, discover those that have many or few volumes, and even request help from the program to provide you with the most adapted to your site, depending on the selected niche and the content theme.


Another alternative to SEMrush that is worth adding to your portfolio is Xovi. If you could combine the SEO Analyzer tools with Ubersuggest in the same software, then this is the test you were looking for. With this, you will be able to enjoy large audits of your website, which are responsible for detecting the most common problems so that you can solve them. This includes broken links, compatibility problems, article optimizations, among others.

On the other hand, Xovi is also a Keyword analyzer. The most important thing is that if you haven’t started writing your articles yet, with it you can get a long list of keywords related to your space, which are automatically generated by the program. In addition, if you need to know the position currently occupied by those who have already written, in order to discover the competition and design strategies to overcome them, here you will have an outstanding help.


Rankings are a very complete way to find out how you have been doing. Rankerizer is an incredible tool that establishes your SEO position compared to other websites, the same keywords, and the relevance of the information in the impressions of the users. You can also determine if other websites plagiarize your content, to take actions that allow you to continue conserving yourself first, standing out among the most complete SEMrush alternatives.

Analyze your SEO position, discover Featured Keywords, learn about optimization problems, and compare the competition with alternatives to SEMrush. Digital marketing is having more relevance in these times than ever. The competition has been much stronger than a few years ago, as more and more people are investing in these tools to achieve good results, sell and, of course, earn a lot of money. We hope you can choose the best one for you.

Final words

So, these are not only alternatives to SEMrush but also some of the best SEO software tools you need. Although these types of tools may seem complex, they are not entirely so. In fact, the most important thing you will need is to learn about the terms in order to understand what we are talking about. When you have done it, you will notice that their use will be so simple and functional that you will not be able to live without them.

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