9 Reasons to Use an Email Verifier

Preparing a list of email addresses for further mailout is the usual routine of any digital marketer. But the list itself does not make for success in a marketing campaign. How good is the list of mailers, that’s where it’s at! To find this out an email address validity checker is used. You might be not doing this yet and have doubts about the feasibility of this procedure. That’s why we suggest you learn more about the main reasons for checking. Bank on it, the arguments below will convince you to find some high-quality software for address validation. And very soon you and your business will feel the positive effect of such a decision.

  1. Non-Existent Domains

The so-called dead domains and their associated email addresses are a true marketing nightmare. Manual tracing of non-existent domains is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Moreover, the “death” of a domain and, as a consequence, mailers attached to it is a common phenomenon. This is usually the result of closing a company or changing a domain. To find such non-existent domains and lower bounce rates you can verify if email exists by using special software. Thus, you can save the budget for mailing.

  1. Job Changes

Another everyday occurrence is a change of job. Yes, people tend to change jobs throughout their lives, as well as email addresses. A professional marketer should keep this in mind, as cliche as it may sound. Otherwise, you will be dealing either with an old and inaccessible domain, or you will send your letters to a non-target client. In the second case, the old domain may also be active. But your campaign’s email addresses, and more precisely related users, are unlikely to be interested in it. And these are not all reasons to check online email. The most interesting part is still ahead.

  1. Change of Email Service Provider (ESPs)

There are some situations when a change of email service provider is required. Perhaps the company decided to switch to more modern software, some more profitable tariff plans, etc. Also, the provider may be disabled for some reason. All this leads to the fact that your newsletter does not reach the final subscriber, and the letter is sent back. But we don’t need this. That’s why you can use the check email address online using the maxed-out service. Especially because most of today’s software does not even need to be installed on the PC. Checks can be made online.

  1. Syntax Errors

Another reason for using the email address validator is to check for syntax errors that users made by accident or intentionally during registration. Believe us, finding them yourself is an impossible task for any person. So let this problem be addressed by machines. They use a whole set of tools to help identify addresses with incorrect syntax.

  1. Spam Traps

A spam trap is designed to catch spam emails. And it is a real threat not only to your advertising campaign, but to your image in general. Such a trap is an email address that does not belong to a real user. In order not to get into the ban list, to prevent low delivery of the newsletter and to worsen your reputation as a sender, you should avoid spam traps. Modern software validators check online email importance for spam traps while you are having coffee or doing other important things. A high-quality software package will ensure that the level of spam complaints is minimized and does not exceed 0.1%.

  1. Catch-All Addresses

Accounts with Catch-All enabled are a huge risk to your campaign. Such universal addresses are created to intercept all emails, even if they have a syntax error or the mailbox is not tied to a real user. You can’t recognize the substitution on your own. In addition, Catch-All addresses do not encourage your email to be sent to a subscriber. A targeted mailing here is nowhere near. Such universal addresses should be removed from your list.

  1. Improves ROI and Saves Money

Money money money. Actually for this purpose any marketing campaign is created, even if it does not directly sell goods or services. In any case, the newsletter works for your image, and the investment should be justified. This goal is served by email address validity checker. It provides not only the return on investment, but also saves marketing costs. Each of your emails sent is a monetary expense. But it is necessary only if you get to real users, and especially to your target audience. High-quality verification software will save you from sending emails to non-existent addresses. So you will no longer waste money.

  1. Integration capability

Integration of verification tools into your web application or corporate system significantly accelerates all work processes. The usability in this case makes us happy with its simplicity. Products such as ESP, CRM, or API are specifically designed to make your integration fast and seamless. The most popular option is the API. Usually the most advanced email address verification services have this tool. Software opens up new opportunities for business promotion and improving ROI.

  1. Real time check

Another reason to find a good friend in an email data validator is the ability to check email address online. This feature is priceless. All you need is to go through a simple registration on the site of the inspection company, upload a file with mailing addresses and get the result. It’s great that there are services like Proofy. It can check online email absolutely free.

Check online email with Proofy

Proofy service is a complete set of necessary tools for high-quality and quick verification of email addresses. Software will bring your marketing campaigns to a whole new level. In addition to standard options (syntax checking, duplicate search, etc.), Proofy makes mailing more targeted. This improves the overall performance of campaigns, and your profit increases. We recommend that you click on the link right now https://proofy.io, to start doing checks. Especially since the first 500 credits for beginners are provided free of charge. And then you pay only $0.006 per 1 check.

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