Jojo Siwa Net Worth | How Jojo Siwa Spends Her Fortune of Millions

Jojo Siwa has been making headlines for years now as the bubbly and eccentric entertainer that’s known by parents all over the world as a wholesome role model for their children. Beginning her career at a very young age, Jojo quickly became the standout star of the hit reality show, Dance Moms. Rather than let her time in the spotlight flyby, she took that leverage and transformed it into a gigantic brand that now includes music, household goods, clothing, dolls, cosmetics, TV shows, and live performances. She is currently only 17 years old and already rivals some of the world’s most well-known entertainers.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Jojo took a world tour in 2019 and she was successful in selling out some of the largest venues on the planet with the crowds of children and their parents. All this has helped her amassed quite a large fortune and her current net worth source somewhere around $13 million. Jojo Siwa’s net worth 2021 is estimated at around $13 million. Here’s a look at some of the craziest things JoJo Siwa has spent her millions on.

The JoJo Mansion ($2-3 Million)

At the ripe old age of 14, JoJo was already house shopping. She had been raised in Omaha, Nebraska but due to growing popularity, she decided to move to sunny Los Angeles. She’s posted videos to her wildly successful YouTube channel showing off her crib and even has videos dedicated to housing tours and it’s no surprise because her home is unbelievable to see.

It’s adorned with countless images of herself, neon lighting, amusement park, style games, and a huge collection of her own merchandise. It looks exactly like how you’d expect the teenage pop stars home to look like. However, from the outside, you never expect what awaits inside. While it’s pretty hard to put an exact price tag on the home considering all of the renovations and additions that have been added since she purchased it. It’s safe to say it’s worth between 2 and 3 million dollars.

The Claw ($15,000)

One of the coolest items JoJo has in her home is a huge claw machine, the type you’d normally see at an arcade or amusement park. She has filled the machine with a bunch of her own merch and a few random items too. It’s also been completely customized with bright pink neon lighting and JoJo’s own music plays while the game is in action.

There are a lot of celebrities that visit JoJo to collaborate on videos and having guests play the claw game seems to be a ritual. In 2019, JoJo babysat Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North. One of the first stops on the tour, JoJo gave her was the claw machine. Seems the machine has also been rigged to allow for the unlimited play which is great because it would seem kind of weird the feet quarters straight into JoJo’s pocket. With all the bells and whistles she added to the machine and let alone stuffing it with her own products, the game worths a whopping $15,000.

7/11 with Nacho Machin, Pizza rotator, Cheese Dispenser

Jojo Siwa has a love affair with food as we mentioned earlier that the kitchen is ginormous and boasts a huge walk-in pantry filled with all types of snacks and candy. But if you were ever to visit her home, the first thing that would catch her eye when walking into the kitchen would be the nacho machines. Machine she has is exactly the kind you would find at stadiums or movie theaters. No cheap stuff here.

It’s a two-part machine that makes and dispenses the cheese while also heating and cooking the chips. It’s completely self-serve and in one of her house tour videos, JoJo makes herself a delicious looking plate of nachos like it’s nothing. The machine has its own dedicated counter space with classic theater style paper plates stacked to one side inviting anyone that visits to indulge. The machines usually run about $2,000 a pop and that’s not factoring in the cheese

Music Instruments (Grand Piano Worth $75,000)

It’s no secret that JoJo Siwa is a musician. While she may have started out with dance, she’s grown into an all-around performer with a few chart-topping hits. She even proudly displays her certified platinum certificate on the wall near her merch room. Her music is the main focus of her last world tour and while she doesn’t have a music studio in her house, she has certainly filled it with all kinds of instruments. She has a full-sized Casio keyboard in a room that set her back at least five hundred bucks and a beautiful pearl 5-piece drum kit in her living room that cost her another $1,000.

But the most prized musical possession in her house is a full-size Steinway grand piano. Steinway has become synonymous with pianos over the years and is known as the holy grail of musical instruments. Most singer-songwriters owned a piano as it’s probably the best instrument to compose new music with. Steinway pianos are by no means cheap and JoJo’s could have cost as much as $75,000.

Bows ($15,000)

Jojo has built an empire of bows, the kind of bows girls like to wear in their hair. Seems almost every young girl has at least one of JoJo’s branded bows and it all started when she was on Dance Moms. Her oversized bows became a standout style. She now has collections that are sold at almost every major retailer and on her own online store as well.

JoJo’s obsession with bows has never gone away and the personal collection has continued to grow. There was even a point in time when the search term “how many bows does JoJo Siwa have?” was trending on Google. She has admitted to having over 800 individual bows all of them are in different colors or materials and she regularly cycles through them. We estimate that her huge assortment is worth at least $15,000 and she has sold over 35 million bows.

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