The Simplest Ways to Solve Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 Error on Xbox

The new generation Xbox is making its way in 2021 and it is going to bring numerous innovations with it. Microsoft’s gaming console is giving tough competition to Sony’s PlayStation. It is packed with high-end specifications to render qualitative gameplay. But sometimes, such devices can show error due to some technical reasons. In 2019, several Xbox One users were facing an error called Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006. This error code 0X87DD0006 creates the problem of logging in to Microsoft account. Some Xbox users also reported on the forums that the error was faced in 2018 on Xbox Live.

Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006

In order to solve the Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error, even the Xbox team responded on Twitter and ensured that the problem will be solved quickly. As of now, Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 has not been but still, it can be seen on some Xbox devices. That is why it is important to know the troubleshooting methods that can work to solve this error code on Xbox or Xbox Live.

How to Fix Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 Log in Error on Xbox

According to Microsoft, it was a network error that is solved now. But if the problem still persists for you then you can apply the methods given below to solve Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error. Prior to trying out the solutions given below, you need to check the few things. For instance, reboot the Wi-Fi router and Xbox device. This may help in many cases. This may remove the common errors that could be causing the problems. The rebooting process of the router will also fix some common errors.

So, Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error prohibits users from logging in to their Xbox console. The common reasons behind this problem could the issue in billing information, a misconfiguration in network settings, or fault in the profile. These are the best solutions that would help you to fix this error code 0X87DD0006 on your Xbox.

Method 1 – Change the Billing Information

Inadequate or outdated billing information can cause this problem. So, it would be best to check if your current billing information is correct or not. If not, make some changes to it and update it. You can do it by following steps:

  1. On your browser, log in to the Microsoft account that is connected with Xbox.
  2. Navigate to Payment and billing in the menu and open it.
  3. Select the edit option to make necessary changes to the previous billing information.
  4. Now try and sign in to the Xbox. Check if Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error is solved or not.

Method 2 – Remove and Add the Profile Again

A minor problem in the profile can also cause this problem. In order to solve Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error, you can try deleting the profile completely, and then adding it again can solve Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006. Let’s know how to do it:

  1. Open the Guide by pressing the Xbox key on the controller.
  2. Open the settings and select Accounts there.
  3. Click on remove accounts and then select the profile you wish to delete from your Xbox.
  4. Now open the Guide again and add a new profile.
  5. Insert the sign-in information and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Now try to open and play any of the paid games to see if Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error is fixed or not.

Method 3 – Update Software

Obsolete Xbox may also cause this error. Many users have said that updating the software has proved successful in order to solve Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 error on their Xbox. Updating the software is really easy.

  1. Open the Guide by pressing the Xbox key on the controller.
  2. Open the All Settings option from the System Settings.
  3. Now navigate to System and click on Updates to update new software manually if new updates are available.

Now try again to sign in to the Xbox and see if Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 is fixed or not.

Final Word

Thus, this is how Xbox users can deal with this error code 0X87DD0006 that forbid them from logging in.  Xbox Assist 0X87DD0006 is not likely to appear with new updates so, never forget to update the Xbox software regularly. If you have such other issues then you can tell us in the comment box and we shall make a post on that to help you guys.

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