4Anime: Best Free Anime Websites Like 4Anime | Top 4Anime Alternatives

The anime culture has become popular in the last few years and straight out of Japan, it is reaching western countries, Asia, and America as well. They can be watched on a number of legal platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll. But why pay, when you can all these amazing for free on the internet. There are a number of free anime streaming sites where users can watch some high-quality anime videos for free. 4anime is one of the most trusted and reliable anime sites right now. It is considered even better than AnimePlanet and Kiss-Anime.


4anime has got everything that an anime fan would need. It has a clean UI so, you know exactly where you’re clicking whether it is the episode number, the name, and it has a lot of good stuff on it. Old shows to popular new shows are available on this website and that is why you don’t really need other anime websites to use as the alternative to 4anime.

4Anime has no advertising. It is an awesome website high-quality anime videos and nothing can beat this. This free anime website is really amazing and can be accessed through the mobile phone as well as the PC. But why you need alternatives to 4Anime? The answer is clear that there are number anime websites and they are free but illegal and that is why they can go down without warning. So, it is a smart move to keep a list of some more anime sites like 4anime on your device.

Top Anime Streaming Sites like 4Anime


Now, this website is really cool. This anime website is also free just like 4anime and it uses some high-quality servers that are used by popular anime apps and websites to provide a seamless streaming experience. AnimeUltima has a lot of anime to watch and explore. Sometimes it gives me a weird error that the host is not able to respond or something and I don’t get but it is working fine when I checked it last time. I clicked on a couple of videos and the buffering speed and quality of anime over here are really good.

In the past, there were a number of errors that used to appear while trying to load any anime title but it is fixed now. However, usually, this site is one of the best websites to watch anime series online for free.


The UI of this 4Anime alternative is really clean on the other hand there is a lot to look at when it comes to exploring huge content on the site. If I take a look at older stuff, which can be done right through the search bar option, I found numerous anime shows and movies along with manga to read. So, it’s a good website as everything loads quicker. I am not sure about the number of ads here.

They host high-quality video content which can be watched with several servers available online. This free anime site has all the genre you are looking for and the anime collection is available in English dubbed and subbed as well. I really recommend this site as an alternative to 4anime.


AniMixPlay is one of the best 4Anime websites out there and is actually an awesome website it doesn’t have dubbed anime. It does have like a very large amount of anime especially on-going ones. I did also check older ones and it has a huge library. Most of the anime available on the site is with English subtitles but I didn’t see any kind of dubbed versions of the animes.

To me, that doesn’t matter I just need subtitles so I don’t really care about whether there are dubbed or not like the anime website with high streaming speed and an HD quality. This website is awesome it’s clean and the UI is great. Plus, if you use any kind of Adblocker then, no ads pop up will appear but if you don’t use anything then there might be some ads. I really recommend this site as one of the best and free anime streaming websites.


This is one of the best anime websites and an alternative to 4anime. Let me first talk a little bit about this website. AnimeKisa has a lot of options, you can watch subbed anime, you can watch dubbed anime, and you can even read manga on this website. So, the website itself is really good like it’s a very awesome website just like it says “it’s fast, free and HD anime” and they are right. However, I have even I have noticed that this website has pop-up ads, and actually it has a lot of them. Even though I’m using you AdBlock on the browser, it still has tons of pop-up ads they won’t load because I have a very powerful adblocker but nonetheless, they pop up and it’s annoying.

If these small advertised advertisements don’t bother you then this website is truly amazing because of its massive collection of anime and high-quality streaming. It is completely free but sometimes it takes much time in loading content due to high popup ads. So, awesome website but this isn’t for at least for me but you can use it as an alternative to 4anime.

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