10 of the Most Promising Start-Ups for 2021

Technology has become a part of every-day life, from cleaning out the cat’s litter box to an evening’s entertainment of online poker. Start-ups are keeping up and 2021 will see start-ups in a wide range of fields.

Expect to see new technology for travel, robotics, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, travel, professional services, healthcare and medicine, education, manufacturing, security, e-commerce and much more.


10 of the most exciting start-ups to launch this year include


With increasing numbers of businesses looking for ways to make their online presence more interactive, Botsify is certain to have an audience of interested clients. Botsify aims to make the process of creating a chatbot simple so anyone can make a chatbot and add it to their site.

Any individual or company can use Botsify to create their own chatbot in just a few minutes. There’s no need to install code on a web host since Botsify takes care of that process. The website owner can enter their own questions and command the bot according to their needs and customization wises.


Elevian has the potential to make the process of aging easier. Elevian’s work is based on research that shows that certain elements in one’s blood can help the body regenerate when replaced or strengthened by blood from a younger individual.

This type of “regenerative medicine” shows promise as a treatment for age-related diseases and disabilities. The process targets a person’s regenerative capacity and bolsters the individual’s ability to have his or her body heal itself which declines with age.

Elevian’s goal is to develop therapies that regulate an individual’s circulation including their growth differentiation factor. They relieve that, by doing this, they can restore the body’s natural regenerative capacity which is one of the root causes of age-associated diseases.


Paladin is a case management system that was specifically designed to help lawyers manage their pro bono work. Attorneys and law firms use Paladin to streamline the referral process so lawyers can optimize engagement by creating custom rules that are based on the attorney’s preferences and areas of expertise.

By giving law firms the tools to track participation, Paladin enables the firms to curate pro bono opportunities that align with their organization’s interests and strengths, maximize impact and encourage employees to engage. In an era when over 80% of people who need legal assistance don’t have access to proper counsel and representation because they can’t afford lawyers’ fees, that’s a big step in the right direction.


Kolide was created to meet the problem of PC security and proper function. PCs are more vulnerable to attack than ever before and it’s hard for casual, non-techie types to know a.) if they have a problem; b.) what that problem is and c.) how to fix the problem.

Kolide analyzes PCs and Macs to find problems with security or issues that need repair and then suggest a fix. Kolide works on Cloud and aims to provide an affordable solution, especially for small companies that have multiple employees working on PCs.  


Dandelion was set up to meet the challenge of reducing carbon emissions that are caused by heating and cooling systems. This start-up focuses on finding ways to use geothermal pump installations to harness energy from below the Earth’s surface for heating and cooling purpose. The company also has a goal of using this system to deliver hot water for homes.

The people who are developing and funding the Dandelion system hope that they will be able to reduce the usage of expensive, truck-delivered fuels and bring, via the geothermal heat pump, a simpler and more affordable heating and cooling process.


Kustomer offers cloud customer support software so companies can leverage customer feedback to improve their product and customer interaction. This is the next-generation customer management platform which uses a customer timeline to expedite representatives’ ability to answer questions from customers and deliver a top customer experience.

One popular Kustomer tool is the “Search” which gives teams the chance to create groupings of customers to manage using precise search criteria (includes events, conversations, transactions, etc). The representatives can respond to customers more efficiently through maximizing team members’ strengths. The searches allow the team to create specified workflows and maximize efficiency gains.


FenSens is a fender sensor, a wireless parking sensor that helps drivers parallel park. The sensor works without wires and can be installed on any car in just a few minutes. Once installed in the car’s license plate frame the driver receives instant audio, visual and vibration alerts for objects that it detects behind or in front of the vehicle.

The app is then downloaded to the driver’s smartphone and the device is paired with the smartphone. The smartphone is docked into the mobile phone doc and the FenSens app is opened.

In addition to the parking sensor app, the user can access additional car apps hands-free such as roadside assistance, google maps, WAZE, etc.


Startups haven’t ignored the pet world. Footloose makes changing the cat’s litter box into a 90-second job by automating the process. The automated litter box cleans itself while it records the amount of litter used, the time that it takes the cat to do her business and the health of the kitty. The information is then sent to an app for the owner to use to monitor the data.

Civic Eagle

Activists are going to have an easier time of identifying, tracking and analyzing impending legislation and regulations thanks to Civic Eagle. The cloud platform uses artificial intelligence to perform these tasks at a reduced cost and in record time.

Civic Eagle was created because currently, it’s very difficult to understand and track proposed laws and regulations. The Civic Eagle team wants to make information about policies more accessible and transparent. In this way, they hope to change the way that communities advocate for themselves.


As marijuana becomes legal in more jurisdictions the need for marijuana dispensaries grows. Flowhub offers cash register/point-of-sale software to marijuana dispensaries so that they can more easily abide by local laws and regulations as they run their businesses.

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