What is RGRHCL? How To Login RGRHCL App: The Complete Guide [2021]

RGRHCL stands for Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited which provides the housing rgrhcl project to those who cannot afford the high-cost home. It rarely appears in the following Acronym such as (Military & Government), Business, Finance etc. RGRHCL 2021 list will be soon updated for more people to get their houses with more possibilities.

What’s RGRHCL?

The Corporation was set up on the twentieth April 2000 as a nodal office to implement all the housing plans supported by the Central and State Governments for monetarily and socially more fragile segments of the Society, both in rural and urban regions.


Everything you know about RGRHCL Project:

  • It is the development for the Urban and Rural housing of those people who cannot afford to build their houses project by Indira Awas Yojana & RGRHCL
  • The centrally sponsored scheme plan was presented during 1988 to 1990 for rural vagrants (homeless people) who are below the neediness line.
  • The target is reserved for SCs/STs at 60%, for minorities 15% and staying 25% for general class of the general population.
  • According to the improved unit cost of Rs.120, 000 from 2015-2016, subsidy from the Center works out to Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 85,000 is to be borne by the State.
  • For SC’s/ST’s the improvement unit cost per house is Rs. 1, 50,000 subsidy from entre is Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 1, 15,000 from the State.
  • During the most recent 11 years (from 2004-05 to 2014-15) houses around 8, 40,038 have been developed under the scheme plan.

The Fundamental Goal of the RGRHCL organization:

  • To give housing to the socially and monetarily (economically) weaker areas.
  • Speedy implantation of plan
  • Transparency in usage
  • Seam free stream of the beneficiaries.
  • Spread of savvy innovation in development through District “Nirmithi Kendras” strengthening of Nirmiti Kendras.

RGRHCL Login and Password

1# Follow the Link and write your User Name and password to the provided field

2# click on the login button then you are enter to the RGHOMS (Rajiv Gandhi Housing online Monitoring System)

RGRHCL App Indira Mane Ver -2.1

Rgrhcl app is about the House & Home in the government base Vivadha housing projects on physical advancement of the execution and jipies (GPS shield) too early to enter and pragatiyadharita awards to transfer the palanubhavigala dream house specifically to the record of the mobailaplikesan sapt Wear (Mobile Application Software) was created.

This smart phone app software is specifically to the recipients through their smart phones to photo their home, hantavaru jipies organization to be joined indikarisabahudu site.

  • The advantage of RGRHCL Smart phone app Software:
  • 4-step photographs into themselves the recipients of their home to be built step by step ordered to quickly submit jipies.
  • Direct link between the organization and the recipient (beneficiary) of the system
  • It was a friendly application, and the house purnagolisikolluvudakke gets palanubhaviyu self-supported.
  • Any delay in the development of houses intermediates space for mediation.

RGRHCL Application System Required

Requires Android: 2.3 and above

Updated: 30th August 2018

App Size: 18M

Download RGRHCL App Link:

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rgrhclrkanr.administrator.kanasinamane&hl=en_IN” text=”Download Link” ]

RGRHCL benf sesuatu

You should also know that there is also rgrhcl benf sesuatu the Karnataka government scheme which also comes under the RGRHCL. Well, this rgrhcl benf sesuatu scheme is also open for limited amount of people. If you are wondering where to check rgrhcl benf sesuatu status, then here’s the full process:

Step #1: Go to this link https://ashraya.karnataka.gov.in/Static/BeneficiaryStatusNew.aspx

Step #2: Fill your details

Step #3: Click on Submit button.

Step #4: Here’s you can check the rgrhcl benf sesuatu status and print the page.

Final words:

It is the fact that Indira home developed by RGRHCL will not provide the benefit to the high income earning people of India. It is because of the RGRHCL GPS can be paid to beneficial but the Gram Panchayat office/officers cannot respond to those citizen. First you need to audit pending for PDO certification then the Panchayat officer will take long time to the PDO application is good. It is kind to take the nirdara liya.

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