10 Hi-Tech Gadgets Shaping Air Travel Worldwide

Air travel has come a long way from when your only source of entertainment was a good book or a Walkman. In-flight technology has reached a level where experiments with state-of-the-art tech are rapidly taking place to revolutionize air travel. Here are a few of these gadgets:

1. Booking private jets online: The idea sounds prohibitively expensive, but you can actually book private jets for as much as it can sometimes cost as much as an economy class air ticket (under heavy demand) per person. You can get the bookings done on various apps and websites, for maximum convenience.

To know more, check out this comprehensive private jet rental guide.

2. Smart sleep masks: Since sleeping on a flight can become a problem, technology has come to help you out in this regard too. You can wake up faster, enjoy deeper sleep, and improve jet lag. These masks have the ability to simulate sunrise and sunset, helping you acclimate to new time zones easily.

3. Smart shoe insoles: Sleep and in-flight comfort are of extreme importance while travelling. Smart shoe insoles have memory foam and heating features as well, and they sync with your smartphone to track all activity. Some insoles also feature massagers!

4. Laptops with resilient battery live: The state of the art in battery technologies has come a long way, and this shows in the 10 to 15-hour battery lives that laptops can deliver. If you travel frequently, battery life should be one of your topmost considerations. Wifi on the air lets you seamlessly work and play while en route.

5. Virtual Reality: This is an interesting avenue in terms of disruptive in flight technologies. Virtual reality can give you access to amazing audio-visual experiences such as museum tours or moving about the city of your choice!  

6. In-flight Gaming: In 2018, your avenues for gaming mid-flight aren’t limited to the sparse collection of video games in the onboard entertainment provided by the carrier.

Virtual reality is expeditiously improving the number and variety of games you can play.

Further, you can enjoy gaming on any handheld gaming consoles as well as your laptops and mobile. Onboard wifi opens up multiplayer gaming on air.

7. Smart luggage: Today’s luggage is a far cry from the ones we’ve come to know over the ages. The luggage offers smartphone apps for control, and can even latch on to other less-advanced suitcases.

They can navigate crowds, and move autonomously. This lets you know that your luggage is next to you. They are powered by rechargeable batteries. You can also use it to charge your phone and other devices on the go.

8. On air Wi-Fi: This has become a common feature on airlines of late. You can get speeds up to nine megabits per second on many of the current air carriers as well as private jets. This helps you access your favourite websites and apps on your devices.

9. Tablets: Ever since the iPad was introduced in 2009, tablets have long been associated with mobility. Cars and buses have come retrofitted with tablets, and airplanes are no different. They come with customized features, which let you adjust your seat comfort, order food and other in-flight services. This is in addition to the tech that you normally get with tablets.

10. On-air portable workout equipment: If you’re worried about frequent flying might cut into gym time, this is the gadget for you. Today, you get Bluetooth enabled ellipticals which fit snugly under a desk. These can just as easily be brought onto a private jet.

There can be many more additions and this list is in no way exhaustive. These gadgets are sure to make your inflight experience a wonderful one.

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