Top 7 Similar Sites like Zooqle 2021| Best Zooqle Alternatives to Check Out in 2021

Zooqle Introduction:

Zooqle is a great torrent site. It becomes popular after all the big names like Kickass Torrents, RARBG, Torrentz2, and got banned. Zooqle has some distinctive designs and UI. You can easily find movies, TV shows, software, applications, eBooks, audio, music albums, and many other things. The trackers of the site are good so you are always going to get good download speed.

Why Zooqle is not accessible? How to use the Zooqle torrent site?

Zooqle Proxies and Mirror links 2021

Well, for your information, Zooqle is not down you might have that in mind. But due to copyright issues, it is not shown on Google so you would have to use Yahoo or any other search result. You can access this trusted torrent site of 2021 at It is safe to download and use Zooqle on any browser. There are many similar torrent websites like Zooqle and you can check them out from the list given below:

Best Similar Sites Like Zooqle | Top Zooqle Alternatives 2021


No list would be complete without the legendary and the one and only “the Pirate Bay.” It could be one of the best torrent sites like Zooqle. The Pirate Bay has been around for a while and it’s probably the biggest torrent site that there ever has been. It has been shut down primarily but if you want to access this biggest torrent site then you can use PirateBay proxies and mirror links to download any media file you need.

Of course, there are going to be ads on the site. It is pretty simple to use. You could just browse torrents and just download easily. It has got movies, software, games, TV shows, video songs, mobile applications, eBooks, Mp3s, and everything. Just click on get torrent and will load into your BitTorrent application and it will be downloaded.


1337X is one of another older websites around. It became hugely popular after kickass torrents went down. It could be the best similar site like Zooqle but it offers some services better than Zooqle actually. It has some amazing UI and designs so it doesn’t look like your regular torrent sites. The site is safe to use as you would find maximum numbers of seeders on the qualitative torrent files. The massive collection of 1337X includes all the files from Movies, TV shows, Music Videos, Music Albums, Software, apps, eBooks, and everything.

Honestly, it is our personal favorite and trusted torrent site so we kind of vouch for the functionality of this Zooqle alternative. You would encounter no malware or low-quality stuff around here. If you are really looking for a Zooqle alternative that could be even better than RARBG, Kickass Torrents, or The Pirate Bay then 1337X is the best for you.

LimeTorrents is gonna be another good website similar to Zooqle. The actual URL right now is Sometimes these websites change so you could just look it up on Google and probably find the right one. This Zooqle torrent alternative is a pretty good website to check out for torrenting. It doesn’t contain any malware or viruses so there is nothing wrong with it as well as it has a huge library of torrents to check out. Overall it is a pretty good torrent website and it has a good amount of content although, one con could be that some of the other files don’t have as many seeders so it could be hard to download specific files.


RARBG could never be the new name of people who prefer torrent sites to download stuff they want. RARBG is also taken down a while back you can access it through various proxies and mirror links so we have put RABG as one of the top Zooqle alternatives. This similar torrent site like Zooqle is a pretty good website for downloading movies and other forms of content like TV shows, games, music, software, and stuff like that.

RARBG is a reliable and safe website to use. It does have a little bit of an outdated design but it does have a good amount of content and it’s not very dangerous. The community of this site is really active and you will always find the safe and high-quality stuff for you to download.


When it comes to the list of the best similar sites like Zooqle, we won’t forget the name of YTS. YTS is different from some other websites on this list so far in that only offers movie. So you are not going to be able to find music, games, and other stuff but you can get good movies here. They are going to be in the smaller sizes but in high-quality so they download quicker perhaps.

This is a pretty cool website to check out. YTS does not have any threats and all the movies are safe to download. You don’t have to worry about malware or viruses.


You might have not heard of this one too much before but it is a good website to check out. One cool thing about this alternative website to Zooqle is that users actually could get paid for one dollar if you do find a malicious or fake torrent download. It has some kind of policing involved with the community which is a really cool idea. So you can know that you are not going to find any malicious torrent file here. Initially, it was known for its distinctive design but now it has become popular for its safety and high-quality content as well. Overall it’s a pretty decent website to check out

EZTV is another one of the best alternatives to the Zooqle website that’s been around for quite a while. EZTV is popular for people who want to download TV shows only. It is kind of similar to YTS but this torrent website shows on only TV series in high-quality. You would find all the old, new, popular, and underrated Television shows around the world with all the seasons and subtitles in multiple languages. So you really need to check out this Zooqle alternative if you are really into the TV shows. It is known to be safe and the community of the website seeds the good torrent files so you will always get the trusted torrent files of the TV shows.

Signing out…

So check out these best safe torrent websites like Zooqle and tell us which one did you like. Remember finding and selecting torrent websites can be kind of tricky because they go down and pop up again come up with another different name. Some torrent websites just aren’t as safe so always pay attention and use a reliable antimalware tool to ensure your safety.

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