Cox Webmail: Important Things You Need to Know

What is Cox Webmail?

Cox Webmail is an email service from Cox communication which lets you use the emailing service just like other similar services. Cox Webmail can be used for residential as well for business purposes. Each type has its distinctive features and users can use benefits from them easily. There are really many benefits of using this webmail service from one of the best in managing cloud service. The functionality and features of the Cox Webmail or Cox email are really intuitive and if you are looking for trying to use some “non-traditional” email service then you should give Cox Webmail a try.

Cox Webmail

Why can’t I create a new account on Cox Webmail?

If you have tried creating an account on Cox Email then you may have found that it doesn’t let you create a new account. When we visited its official site to crosscheck the issue, we found that it doesn’t allow creating new email accounts on the Cox webmail. The state on the webpage says:

“As of August 15, 2019, Cox no longer offers the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts.”

How to access Cox Email/Cox Webmail?

Just like any other email services Cox Webmail can be accessed through any platforms. Users can use it at the office on their laptop or PC no matter what OS they use. The mobile application and web applications are also available. So basically there are three methods to access Cox Email service

  • Website: Cox Webmail online via
  • Desktop Clients: Cox Webmail has desktop client software for Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Applications: Cox Webmail Service can be accessed on Android and iOS smartphones through its mobile application which can download from the respective app store.

What Features You Get at Cox Webmail?

Email is important in your daily life. We all use email to communicate for work or to stay in touch with family and friends. For that, Cox offers Cox Webmail service which is committed to providing you with a reliable email experience that is up-to-date and easy to use. Recently they have upgraded Cox Email service.

The new Cox email has been redesigned with your benefits in mind. A streamlined look and feel, easy to use design, and new apps that are sure to please. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it has made your email better.

Drag & Drop: The new email has received a redesign that makes using it so much easier. It offers you a new experience of email that lets you drag and drop for many functions that need many clicks before. Move an email to a new folder? Just drag and drop. Want to attach attachments to your email? Simply drag and drop from your local folders. It also allows you to move someone from “To” to “CC” just by dragging them from one line to the other.

Unified Inbox: With your new unified inbox you can add as many email addresses as you want. You can also move your Gmail or email to your Cox email or simply reply from there.

New Folder Tree: There is also a newly designed folder tree that will allow you to access all accounts at once and keep an overview of everything that is going.

Integrated Calendar: These things will make Cox email a great experience for you. They know how important it is for you to keep track of your family get-togethers and appointment. That’s why they have included a calendar in your new Cox webmail. The new calendar allows you to schedule appointments like a pro while keeping it simple at the same time.

Easily Create Appointments: Creating a new appointment easy just click on a time plot or mark a timeframe and create an appointment window opens. Now just add a subject description if you like and you’re all set.

Add as many people you want: Want to add other people? You can create a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedule. This new calendar allows you to do this and much more. Just give it a try on your Cox email.

No Spams: Cox Webmail keeps viruses and spams away with SpamBlocker that comes pre-installed in the service.

Use while on the go: With all the clients and easy accessibility, you can check your email anytime, anywhere even on the run.

Final Words…

Since last year Cox has disabled creating a new Cox Webmail account but if you are already existing user then you can sign in to use these various features of the Cox email. This is a dedicated email service that can be used for personal and professional use. With some additional tools, users can also convert and transfer the Cox email to the Gmail account as well.

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