Xpadder: Download the best free game tool to connect gamepad and joystick to the PC

If you are a gamer then Xpadderis the best app for you as it gives a handy control over the keyboard and mouse while playing games on your PC. You might have noticed that playing games on the PC with a traditional mouse and keyboard is boring and sometimes “fun-killer” whilst playing games. The reason is simple, the mouse and keyboard of the PC are not designed to play high-end games on your PC but you can play with them as the last resource but if you want to explore it more then you can install Xpadder as it has got Xbox controller in it so you can control Xbox by Xpadder.


Xpadder was available as a free tool but now it cost around $10. Xpadder is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Vista and other Windows versions including XP. It is one of a kind application makes your gameplay experience even more fun on the PC.

What is Xpadder?

As we told you in the introduction that Xpadder is a program for your Windows PC that enhances your game experience by allowing you using a traditional gamepad. It allows you to map keyboard keys and mouse button actions to your game controller buttons. According to the official website of the tool, it allows the users to map the mouse arrow to their game controller sticks. Xpadder for Windows also gives the users an ability to handle combinations, triggers, sequences, shift sets, and more including multiple controllers and others.

Xpadder is the best tool for you when your PC is unable to support the controller. This tool supports almost all the Windows versions and it can also be used to navigate through music player, video player, internet browsers, and several other windows programs. Xpadder is in the market for more than 10 years and is one of the popular tools among users with more than 4 million downloads.

Why should I use Xpadder on my PC for games?

If the introduction of Xpadder and what this amazing tool does is not enough convincing for you to use this game controller tool then we have made a list of various features of this tool. Xpadder is one of the most searched for Xpadder free download. Along with games and controllers, it also helps you to control many other applications on your Windows PC. Here are some of the reason or we would say features of Xpadder:

  • Xpadder supports all the Windows versions including old XP and Vista to the latest Windows 10 version.
  • This tool also supports games with multiplayer.
  • Xpadder allows you to use more than 15 controllers simultaneously.
  • The latest and advanced Xpadder supports joysticks, gamepads, arcade sticks as well.
  • Flash games and browser games can also be played with Xpadder.
  • Xpadder allows you to control your game controller and handles.
  • It supports other Windows tools such as music players, internet browsers, and several other programs.
  • Xpadder supports music programs, guns, car wheels, drums, and many others.
  • Xpadder allows you to use the gamepad with other software as well
  • Don’t know what to do when your PC doesn’t support the gamepad? Xpadder is the answer.
  • With Xpadder, you can get shortcut keys to navigate and control the software and games.
  • Xpadder supports 32 as well as 64-bit Windows versions
  • Well, Xpadder is free and works with all the Windows OS versions but now it costs a bit.

Is Xpadder available for free? How much does Xpadder cost?

So, what is the price of Xpadder? According to the official site of Xappder, which is handled by its developer Jonathan, Xpadder costs $9.99. This fee has to be paid only for once and that will include all the next versions available in the future. Jonathan works full-time on the site which also includes Xpadder and its website programming.

How to free download Xpadder?

You can download Xpadder from its official website. You just have to follow the process given below:

  1. Open the website on your web browser – https://xpadder.com/
  2. Select the language of the Xpadder from more than 10 options.
  3. After selecting the language, select the country.
  4. Here, you have to enter your email address in the box and the developer of the site will send you a personalized link to download Xpadder. The mail will also tell you how to make payment and contact developers in case of any trouble.

This is how you can download Xpadder on your PC.

How to use Xpadder on the PC?

Once you have installed Xpadder on your computer, you need to connect your gamepad or joystick controller to your PC. The PC will detect the controller and you can play and navigate more powerfully and feel a great comfort while using any application.

Xpadder allows you to control the whole keyboard with a single button. Xpadder also renders you the game feedback and save all the data. If you are a pro, then you can change the settings according to your needs and preferences.

How does Xpadder work?

Now you know what is Xpadder and what does it do, you should know how does it work? Xpadder is the most trusted tool in this genre with more than 4 million downloads. It allows you to play and control games on your PC that don’t support game controllers.

Xpadder works by stimulating your mouse and keyboard. Xpadder can work as the connector between gamepad and joysticks and your PC. So when you connect such controller that is not supported by your PC, with Xpadder when you connect them your PC works in a way that the command is from mouse and keyboard.

Final words:

So this how you can connect your gamepad or any other game controllers on your when they are unable to connect. You can download the latest version of Xpadder from the process we have given above. It supports all the Windows version no matter which one you use.

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