Will GTA 6 Be Cross Platform?

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most popular video game franchises ever created. Developed by Rockstar Games, the open world action-adventure series has sold over 380 million copies worldwide across its various titles.

The upcoming GTA 6 is easily one of the most highly anticipated games ever. Fans are eagerly awaiting details on what new features and improvements Rockstar will bring to the table. One question on many players’ minds is – will GTA 6 offer cross platform support?

What is Cross Platform Support?

Cross platform support refers to the ability for players on different gaming platforms to play together. For example, a PlayStation user being able to play in the same session as an Xbox or PC user.

This connectivity breaks down the barriers between platforms and unites gaming communities. It also expands the player pool which improves matchmaking times.

The Current State of GTA Cross Platform Support

As it stands, the current GTA Online does not feature cross platform support. Players are segregated based on their platform.

  • PlayStation players can only interact with other PlayStation users
  • Xbox players are limited to matchmaking with Xbox
  • PC players can only connect with fellow PC players

Even across console generations, there is no cross functionality. For example – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players cannot play together on GTA Online.

Rockstar has never commented on their stance regarding cross platform support. This approach is in stark contrast to the industry standard, as the majority of multiplayer titles allow cross connectivity.

Will GTA 6 Have Cross Platform Support?

There has been no official confirmation from Rockstar whether GTA 6 will offer cross platform support.

However, based on their handling of past titles, it seems unlikely GTA 6 will feature cross platform gameplay – at least during its initial launch phase.

Segregating platforms allows Rockstar to retain tighter control and maintain a consistent experience across platforms. Introducing cross connectivity also opens the doors for more disruptions from modders and hackers.

However, community pressure for enabling cross platform grows with each passing year. There is a possibility Rockstar may bend and introduce it post launch, but the chances seem slim for now.

What are the Benefits of GTA 6 Cross Platform Support?

  • Expanded player pool– Combining all platforms grows the community and gives players more potential teammates and adversaries
  • Enhanced social experience– Friends across platforms can play together
  • Improved matchmaking– With a wider pool, skill-based matchmaking will become more balanced
  • Increased revenue– Cross platform microtransactions can reach more players

What are the Disadvantages of GTA 6 Cross Platform Support?

  • Performance disparities– PC players may have an advantage over console users due to keyboard/mouse and hardware differences
  • Increase in modders/hackers– PC modders can more easily access console lobbies
  • Platform exclusivity diluted– Unique selling points of each platform are weakened

What Needs to Happen for GTA 6 Cross Platform Support?

In order for seamless cross platform support, Rockstar would need to implement features such as:

  • Input matchmaking– Match players based on their control input – controller vs keyboard/mouse
  • Improved anti-cheat– Robust security measures to block hacking/modding attempts
  • Cross progression– Progression and unlocks carry across platforms via linked accounts
  • Cross commerce– Purchased microtransactions accessible across connected platforms

Cross Platform Support in Other Rockstar Titles

Rockstar’s stance on cross platform connectivity remains consistent across their various multiplayer titles:

  • Red Dead Online– No cross platform support
  • GTA Online– No cross platform support
  • Max Payne 3– Some minor cross functionality between PS3 and Xbox 360

No major Rockstar game has extensive integrated cross platform features. It remains to be seen whether the studio will shift its long-standing policies for GTA 6.

Closing Thoughts

Cross platform support for GTA 6 seems unlikely based on Rockstar’s past track record.

However, there is mounting pressure from fans requesting its inclusion. There is a possibility Rockstar may incorporate it post-launch.

That said, no official details have been shared by the developers yet. We will have to wait patiently for more concrete information as GTA 6’s rumored 2024/2025 release window approaches.

Only time will tell whether console and PC players will finally be able unite for the next generation of Grand Theft Auto mayhem.


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