Why Should You Clean Your Smartphones and Other Gadgets?

The world has changed drastically in the last few decades due to the development of technology. Smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, smart home devices, and many similar gadgets have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. For instance, we can’t resist picking smartphones most of the time. Whether we at the subway, bus, beach, home, or even washroom, we have our phones in our hands. This means our phones collect dirt, germs, and bacteria from many places.

However, this doesn’t mean that our computer or gaming console at home is clean and does not have bacteria or germs on it. We use them in between many works. For instance, while eating pizza or after taking a washroom break, or directly coming from outside. According to research from Betway online casino, a tested PlayStation console controller had 72.5 colony-forming bacteria per swab, while Xbox had 62.5 and PC mouse had 247.5. These numbers of colony-forming bacteria are much higher than we find on a toilet sheet.

The current situation demands us to clean our hands very often, but we don’t have to forget the things we used all the time. The research also shows that the germs, viruses, or bacteria survive on the surface of the devices for several. Thus, whether it is a smartphone or a gaming console, we have to clean it frequently and adequately.

Common Reasons Why Should We Clean Our Smartphones and Other Devices Frequently?

They Are More Expose

As we already said, we visit multiple places with our smartphones in our hands, and we clean our hands with sanitizer or hand wash. However, after cleaning hands, we use the same device without cleaning, and we collect bacteria and germs again. These devices are potential micro-organism transportation devices. Thus, it is important to clean smartphones as they are exposed to viruses and bacteria just like our hands.

Dirt Survive Long on the Surface

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All the dirt and germs are likely to survive for a long time on the surface of your smartphones, gaming console controllers, PC keyboards and mouses, and others. This means dirt or germs of pizza that you ate yesterday are still on your hands, and they are going to be there for the next few days if you don’t kill. Plus, we usually put our hands on the face while using devices, which poses more risk.

Multiple Users

We often let our friends or siblings play games on our smartphones or gaming console, and this way, we invite more bacteria to the gadget. We don’t know where that person has been and how clean his hands are. Thus, to avoid getting this dirt to your hands, you need to clean at least every two days.

The Current Scenario

The current situation of the pandemic has led us to be more hygienic than we have ever been. This deadly virus can live on the surface for many days, and it can be hazardous for the health. Thus, without a doubt, you should be disinfecting your devices more often and be safe.

How to Clean Your Smartphones?

Since smartphones are the device that we use all the time, we have summarized a guide on cleaning them. The smartphone is different from other devices, and that is why we should be extra careful so that we don’t damage its internal parts.

  • The first thing is to check whether the device is water-resistant or not. Every waterproof phone comes with a different IP protection class. For instance, if your phone is IPX4 splash-proof, then you can use a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Another most important thing to turn off your device while cleaning.
  • Never spray or apply the disinfecting liquid on your device or screen directly. Use a microfiber cloth and damp it. Direct application of liquid on the device can damage its internal parts or the screen.
  • Don’t use sanitizers. Most people think cleaning the device with sanitizer is good, but it’s not. Many smartphone manufactures have released guides to clean the smartphone, and they have clearly mentioned avoiding cleaning liquid that has alcohol in it. It must also be ensured that the disinfectant is especially suitable for screens and displays.
  • Use soft microfiber cloth instead of any rugged cloth. Plus, it is essential to make sure that the cloth is clean. Dust, grains of sand, or the like can scratch the display.
  • Pay attention while cleaning borders and charging the device’s socket as the liquid may damage that part if it gets in. You can use a cotton swab to help you get into the corners. Under no circumstances should a metallic object be used for this. However, the backside and phone cases should also be cleaned thoroughly.

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