Why Ruby on Rails is the Best Option for Web Apps

Ruby on Rails or simply called “Rails” is a development tool that offers a framework by providing structure for all the code a web developer has to write. The web development tool is found convenient by web developers to build web applications or websites as it helps to abstract and simplifies common duplicative tasks.

Ruby on Rails was written in a programming language called “Ruby”. In simple words, just like PHP is a programming language to Zend, and Django has Python, Rails has got Ruby. The developers prefer Ruby because of its elegance and requirement of few words while writing the codes. So, a programmer need not waste a lot of time in configuration of files to get set up as Rails offers the set of conventions which are helpful to boost up the development.

Web Apps

Ruby on Rails offers on “Representational State Transfer” or REST application design. REST is a kind of software architecture based on the client-server relationship and it enhances the logical structures within an app. Now this means that they could be exposed an ‘Application Programming Interface” or API. In the last few years, Ruby on Rails has got a good response from web developers to prefer Ruby on Rails due to its iterative development tool. These days several tech firms want to hire Ruby on Rails developer since it is the best for the web app development with dynamic requirements. Airbnb, Kickstarter, GitHub, and Shopify are some of the best examples of Rails’ development.

Why Ruby on Rails is the Best Option for Web Apps

Here are some of the advantages of Ruby on Rails which prove why Rails is an ideal option for web applications development.


This framework is totally free and open-source which run on Linux.  It is super easy and has a number of plug-ins which saves the time of developers. So it is free and cost-effective tool with good performance and quality for web application development.

Easy to manage changes

With this framework, the process of making changes in the codes or adding new features to the sites is simplified. So developers can easily manage the site built on Ruby on Rails.


Rails is secure and it comes with several security features are added in the framework and performs as default. The community of the framework is always working to find and remove new vulnerabilities within it.


“Ruby on Rails” renders a great performance. But it may slow down when an application has lots of computation or data. To solve such issues, you can use the code optimization and it will help to improve the performance.


Ruby, a programming language of Rails allows developers to create new features for web application quickly. Ruby is a kind of productive programming language for web development.

Large Community

Airbnb and GitHub are some of the most popular examples of Rails. And this has brought a huge community of developers which serving other developers for projects and improve codes. If you are a developer and you want a particular function then there are chances that some other developers might have built the same earlier or you will find someone happy to help you but still you will need to write codes.

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