Why do some users have to create multiple accounts at the same gaming establishment

Multi-Accounting – What Is It And Why Is It Banned

Many gambling enthusiasts may have noticed when reading the rules of a particular club that multi-accounting is strictly prohibited. If the company determines an infringement by the user, they may even be blocked without the possibility of reinstatement. In this article, we will talk in detail about why multi-accounting is banned, as well as what other consequences a gamer who is caught doing so could face.

What is Multi-accounting?

The answer to the question “What is multi-accounting?” lies in the name itself. The word refers to a user creating two or more accounts at a bookmaker’s office or online casino (you can find out more about it by going to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_casino). When opening a new account, the system requires the player to enter a unique phone number and email address. However, matching the customer’s initials is acceptable. This is what some gamers use when registering new accounts.

Some players decide to reinsure themselves to avoid being blocked by the company. To do this, they give the details of their friends, acquaintances or even relatives. In addition, they may use more clever disguising methods:

  • Changing your IP address.
  • Finding or creating other e-wallets or bank cards to make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Simulating gambling activity so that an infrequently functioning player is not suspected.

Why do Gamers Open More Than One Account at the Same Gaming Establishment?

In most cases, players take this step to defraud a betting organization or virtual casino. However, there is one reason why many users are forced to create new accounts. And that is because of the loss of login details. The customer simply loses access to their old account and decides to open a new one. We advise against this action, as it may be considered a fraud by the company. If you have experienced such a situation, the best option would be to choose a playground from the best online casino fast payout. Speaking of the reasons why players register multiple accounts, we can highlight the following:

To wagering bonuses      Almost all gambling companies offer new customers the chance to take advantage of attractive promotional offers. The most adventurous gamblers create many accounts and use them to generate income with a minimal investment.
To bypass restrictionsThis reason concerns the creation of multi-accounts at bookmakers’ offices. You will only find unbound limits on the top events. Sometimes customers want to bet more to end up with more profitable profits. That is why multiple accounts are created and managed by the same person.
After a banA user can be banned from a website for a variety of reasons, mainly for fraud. However, some people are not stopped by this step, which is why they create new accounts.
To make arbitrage betThis reason also applies to sports betting. It represents a huge shady scheme to defraud bookmakers. And it consists of obtaining guaranteed winnings by placing opposite outcomes in different organizations.

How do Companies Deal with Multi-Account Owners?

Most users who spend their time betting at bookmakers or playing at virtual establishments such as Slots of Vegas online casino are unaware of the serious penalties a company can impose on a customer if they are found to have cheated. Many organizations have instituted special security services to deal with player misconduct and these services are able to look out for any suspicious activity, or lack otherwise, in the gaming account. As soon as the organization detects any suspicious actions on the user’s part, they start checking the user’s account. It is very essential for the gaming establishments because it is their reputation and security. That is why often the check can be very thorough. By the way, the gamer may not even be aware of it.

The result of a security check may be:

  • cutting the account (setting low limits);
  • refusal to grant new bonuses;
  • temporary blocking of the account;
  • blocking of the game account with the possibility to withdraw money;
  • blocking of the account without the possibility to withdraw money.

In most cases, the player will have to face the toughest result of the check – a complete blocking of their account. It is for this reason that we do not recommend having several accounts at the same gambling establishment, as this can lead to the loss of your own funds, even for users who have no bad intentions. Therefore, you must be careful when you create any account on the gaming platforms. Because one silly step can lead to great consequences.

How do Organisations Figure Out Multi-accounts?

Everyone understands why security services do not openly disclose their methods for tracking suspicious user activity. However, often the most popular method is matchmaking. Companies look for if there are similarities in router data, used operating systems, IP addresses and computer (smartphone) id numbers. Once a match is found, the account is instantly blocked. If the company needs more time to verify the user, they can only deny access to their account for a certain amount of time. If the gamer is not proven guilty, the account can be unblocked.


In most cases, multi-accounting is set up specifically to defraud online casinos or bookmaker offices (you can read more about them on this web resource: https://www.britannica.com/topic/bookmaking-gambling). Because of this it is banned. If you don’t want to find out one day that your account is permanently blocked, you shouldn’t cheat the gambling sites. In the event that your account details are simply lost, we recommend contacting the platform’s support team or choosing a new gambling site. Anyway try to choose unforgettable registration information in order to save your accounts on gambling platforms and avoid multi-account.

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