What Apps Should I Install After Buying a New Phone

Most apps have been generated to make your daily activities easier, with the world fully embracing the digital era. Therefore, your new phone will be complete if you find the best apps to help you navigate the gadget’s specs.

With most essential apps installed before purchase, we shall look at other versions you can download to improve your experience with the new phone.

Anti-Virus Software

You’ll be opening multiple tabs in a given day, and the more you access them, the phone is exposed to certain viruses and other cyber errors. Therefore, downloading a credible antivirus app is your best bet to counter these viruses and malfunctions.

This software will help your phone maintain efficiency through regular checks and diagnosis of already-used site tabs and apps.

Sports Apps

The sporting world is more engaging with apps formulated for respective sports activities to keep fans entertained and informed. You can use these platforms to watch your favorite game live or read news about the sport or other genres.

For those interested in wagering, there are platforms like 22bet ph, which is convenient for beginners and comes with all the essential features for optimum utilization. It additionally acts as a good source of general guides.

Social Apps

Social apps like Telegram, TikTok, and Twitter have become integral to our daily interaction activities, with ease of communication. A simple command can convey information to another user in a different continent.

Also, newer versions of some, like WhatsApp and Twitter (as influenced by Elon Musk), are now customizable to allow you to execute your daily activities effectively.

With the TikTok app (the most popular), you can get educated or entertained according to how your algorithm is set.

Gaming Apps

If you want to explore specs like storage, battery power, or RAM, you can download games to try in your free time. Interestingly, there are playstation or Xbox games designed as phone versions and are found in your phone’s app store, and they include:

  • FIFA
  • Need for Speed
  • Mortal Kombat

Nonetheless, there are many more enjoyable games available in the app store, and they come in handy in the following situations:

During lunch breaks at work

When in a cab or bus (during traffic snarl up)

When the lights are out temporarily


The above apps can be used for both formal and informal purposes, thus the importance of scheduling their time of use. However, each mentioned variety fits the intended purpose when properly installed and utilized.

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