Top 6 VIPLeague alternatives | the best similar sites like VIPLeague 2021

Online streaming is significant and popular in every field of entertainment. Whether you are looking for movies, TV Shows, Music, videos, live sports events, TV channels, everything can be watched online. There several official platforms of TV channels that let you access their live T channels service on your mobile phone with their subscription. With this feature, you can watch your favorite sports games or sports events regardless of where you are. So you don’t have to wait till the morning and watch the highlights of the games. All these premium services come at a price where users have to pay monthly or yearly charges. But there several sites like VIPLeague where you can live stream sports channels and live sports channels for free.


VIPleague is considered to be one the most trusted and used free sports streaming sites in the world where users can watch any live sports game events for free directly from their laptops, PC, and even from their mobile phones. VIPLeague covers all the popular sports games and offers a schedule of upcoming sports events or tournaments which will be available for live streaming on the site. Fewer ads and high-quality streaming are the main reasons for the popularity of VIPLeague. However, there are many other sports streaming sites on the internet that can be used if you would like to explore alternatives to VIPLeague.

If you haven’t used VIPLeague then we recommend you to try it and we guarantee you would love it. But if you want to explore some more similar sites like VIPLeague then we made a list of them in this article.

6 Best similar websites like VIPLeague – Best sites to watch live sports for free

Here are some of the best sites that offer a platform to live stream all the popular sports TV channels and sports events for free. You can use these sites if you want some top VIPLeague alternatives 2021.


When it comes to free sports streaming or live TV streaming, stream2watch is the best site. It is could be the best alternative to VIPLeague as it offers many live TV channels for free streaming. No user needs to register or signup to use this site. It offers all the major sports tournaments and sports leagues with also offering free sports channels. The site will provide a schedule of upcoming sports events. Along with sports channels, stream2watch also provides other TV channels for free live streaming where users can watch movies and TV shows. All the videos are played in HD quality.

Features of Stream2watch

  • Along with live matches, you can watch highlights of the recent matches and sports games.
  • It covers news and interviews regarding leagues like the NBA and NFL.
  • No geo-restriction so you can stream wherever you want.
  • Free and no signup needed.
  • Other TV channels like HBO, ABC, FOX, ESPN are available on stream2watch.


Sports365 is in the market for the last few years and it has become fan-favorite for its offerings and service. Users can live stream various game events, such as soccer, football, cricket, combat sports (boxing, MMA), and many more. Live TV channels are available by Sports365 so you do not have to rely on any single servers. Users can use the site without signing up but to get various benefits with full access users can sign up for free on the site.

Features of Sports365

  • The simple UI and easy to handle
  • Supports of the device so live stream directly from your phone
  • Chat with people with the same interest and discussion about tournaments or matches.
  • Free live sports streaming in HD


12player can be called as the best VIPLeague alternatives as it provides seamless live sports streaming experience with all the live TV channels. It offers many game events for live streaming but football is mainly emphasized on this site. If you are a football fan and want a site dedicated to it then 12player is the best for you. It renders HD streaming but the quality depends on the speed of the internet so you have to use high-speed internet connection to stream in HD. Signing up is compulsory to enjoy the benefits of this site.

Features of 12player

  • All the major leagues and the sports tournaments are available here for free live streaming.
  • Multiple servers for hassle-free streaming of the events
  • Streaming in HD quality is a bit complex process but SD quality is good as well.


The name of this free live streaming site suggests that it offers live TV channels. The site is absolutely free and offers a variety of channels. These channels show highlights and other important video clips of the show so you won’t miss any detail of the event. Live games can be enjoyed in High Definition but the quality may vary according to the internet speed on your device. Other than sports channels, more TV channels are also available on the site.

Features of LiveTV

  • More options for live sports TV channels
  • Free HD live sports events streaming
  • No signup or registration needed


WizWig is the best similar site like VIPLeague but it is more than that what VIPLeague has to offer. WizWig offers live sports channels along with live TV, and live radio. Users no need to register an account to enjoy its various benefits. You can watch free HD movies and TV shows on live TV channels plus watch live streaming of sports games like Football, Basketball, Soccer, Racing, MotoGP.

Features of WizWig

  • Fewer ads on this live sports streaming site so play easily
  • It’s free and no geo-restrictions on streaming.
  • WizWig offers live streaming of many games and sports leagues including NBA, World Cup, NFL, and many more.
  • The schedule of what streaming on the live TV channels is also shown on the particular page of the channel.


SportsP2P is best known for live sports streaming. It offers a platform where users can watch sports events like Cricket, racing, UFC, boxing, tennis, American football, and their live events from multiple channels and platforms for free. SportP2P can be said to be the best alternative to VIPLeague.

Features of SportP2P:

  • Watch highlights and vital video clips of the match with news and videos
  • It is the tailor-made site for football fans as it gives more coverage to football live streaming
  • The site is free and offers HD streaming without any limitation
  • Live sports TV channels for free streaming.

Final Words:

So these are the best alternatives to VIPLeague that you can give a try to fulfill your quest for online streaming of sports games. There are many other sites that offer a similar platform but these are some of the best that you can rely on. If you know some other sites that offer free live sports channels streaming then let us know in the comment section. You can check some more sites on the post here.

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