Android Accessibility Suite: Download pname com google android marvin talkback APK

Android OS is the most widely used mobile OS in the world right now. Most of the people are using smartphones and cheaper Android phones are the reasons for it. In the last decade, the number of smartphone users has increased rapidly and the easy availability of the internet made people move to smartphones. Android is a simple and open-source OS. It is very simple to use plus, it offers many features and lots of apps. But do you know there are many hidden features in your Android phones that we don’t use very often? One such feature is the Android Accessibility Suite.

pname com google android marvin talkback

What is pname com google android marvin talkback?

Formerly known as Google Talkback and now Android Accessibility Suit is available on Google Play Store and various other third-party Android App Stores. So the main object of this accessibility app is to help the blind or visual impaired smartphone users to access their device more efficiently. Android accessibility suit helps them to use their Android device by speaking, commanding, and interacting with the device. That’s why earlier, it was used to be called “TalkBack”. On June 20, 2018, Google renamed TalkBack to Android Accessibility Suite and the main reason behind it is because “talking back” is only one feature of this feature and it performs various other operations as well.

Android Accessibility Suite (pname com google android marvin talkback) interacts with the person by various feedback like vibration, audible, speech, and it also allows you to use your Android phone without the touchscreen. The audible feature can read what is displayed on the screen with your command. These days, many cell phone makers are amending the Android version by adding some of their own features but the Android accessibility suit is available for all the device and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

So basically Android Accessibility Suit is an app or more like settings that include various accessibility features that will allow you to use your device without visualizing it or with a switch device.

How to download Android Accessibility Suit – pname com google android marvin talkback file

You can easily find “Accessibility” by default on your device’s settings. But some users are complaining “why my Android phone doesn’t have Accessibility suit?” You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. However, many other app stores make it available for download but we would recommend Google Play Store.

  • Just open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Android Accessibility Suite.” (If you don’t want to use Google Play Store or you are not signed in to the Play Store then you can use the link given below to download the “Accessibility Suit.”
  • You shall see a blue icon with a white “human impression” on it. Click on install and you are ready to go.

Android Accessibility Suite information

  • Support devices – All the Android device (The latest version requires Android 6 and later)
  • Latest version – 8.1 (as per Nov 6, 2019)
  • File Name – pname com google android marvin talkback
  • Downloads – 5000+ million

What Android Accessibility Suite includes

These are the features of Accessibility Suit

  1. Accessibility Menu – With this menu, users can lock their phone with on-screen menu, volume and brightness control, capturing screenshots, and much more.
  2. Select to Speak – Users can command the device to read the text displayed on the screen or read anything on paper or wall or brad by pointing a camera at it.
  3. Switch to access – Switch to access allows users to use their phones without a touch screen. So users can use the device with switches or keys.
  4. Talkback – This tool of Android Accessibility Suit renders you feedback by vibration, audible, or spoken when you use it. For example, vibration when you type with a keyboard or “tapping sound.”

Do I need Android Accessibility Suit?

As we said this is the best feature in the Android device which facilitates the easy operation of the device to blinds and visually impaired persons but many users are asking “can I use accessibility suit even when I am not blind?” the answer is yes. Everyone can use various features of Android Accessibility Suite features but keep in mind that the response of feedback from the device will be a few seconds late when you use all the features. For instance, when you use “Switch to access”, obviously, it will take time to operate any function of the phone.

Can I disable the Android Accessibility Suit?

Yes, you can disable Accessibility functions on your Android device. You can enable and use various accessibility features while disabling some of them according to your convenience. There no-brainer in disabling “Accessibility.” “How to disable Android Accessibility Suit” is just a simple process. So you can use it when you need and disable it

Final words:

So this is pname com google android marvin talkback and Android Accessibility Suite. You can easily install and update this app from the Google Play Store. Use these features for your needs. You can also check on the internet about various hidden usage of these features.

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