The internet is a great source of inspiration, which especially for children can sometimes feel like a real city. It enriches our lives in many different ways, from news to entertainment, learning, socializing, chatting, shopping and much more. But there are also dangers and how do you actually protect your child?

As a parent, you naturally want to help your growing child navigate as well as possible through this incredible ‘cyber-city’, in a safe and responsible manner with increasing independence. This is not always easy. You may already have – as many parents – suspected that you could do more for the safety of your children online. But it is difficult to find the time or to know where to start.

It is impossible to watch every second over your children’s shoulders when they are online. In addition, the increasing use of mobile devices makes it much more difficult to keep track of what they see, play or read.

The online activities of your children are also constantly changing. As children grow older, they visit other websites, try out new activities and create social network accounts.

So, what can you do to ensure that your children make the best of the good things on the web without having to worry about the dangers? The answer is simple. Use web filter app and put all your worries aside. There are many options available in this regard but the one with the most incredible features and user-friendly system is the FamilyTime app. Here is the list of features offered by the app. Have a look!

  1. Digital Monitoring: Monitoring helps parents keep their kids on track. With FamilyTime app, parents can actually have a look at all the activities your kid performs through their digital device and get to know when they make a new contact, dial, receive or miss a call, send or receive SMS; check apps that they etc.
  2. Safe internet search: Parents can enable safe search option on their kid’s digital devices and keep their kids from seeing content not appropriate for their age.
  3. Internet filters: Another amazing feature of FamilyTime is internet filters that empower parents to block all unwanted topics such as drugs, pornography, violence, sex, dating etc. Enabling this feature, the app will automatically lock all websites and content related to that topic.
  4. App Blocking: Strengthening kids’ safety, FamilyTime allows parents to block apps too. Be it social, entertaining or secretive; parents can now restrict the use of unwanted apps as well. All they have to do is blocking the app either on a temporary basis or permanently.
  5. Limiting Screen Time: Every parent gets irritated to see kids glued to their devices 24/7. If you too feel the same and wish to manage their screen time, family time is the tool for you. You can stop them from using the screens either by putting a schedule for screen use or remotely lock the device.

And there is a lot more. This app helps a lot in keeping kids safe on the internet. To know what are other offered features, visit the website of FamilyTime or give the app a free trial. You can get the trial version of FamilyTime – web filter app from app store on your phone.

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