Types of Managed Services: Discussing Your Options

If you’re considering using MSPs (managed service providers) to take care of any of the systems, processes or equipment involved in the running of your business, you first need to look into the different packages and types of service that are available to you. You’ll need to pick the offering that is best for your requirements. Try to avoid overcomplicating matters or signing up for service if you’re not sure whether they’ll be required. In this article, we’ll explain a few of the options you may wish to consider when planning to outsource some of your services.

Managed Services


The management of individual systems, processes or equipment can be very handy if one particular aspect of your business continues to pose a problem. For example, if you’re struggling to get anything done because of overcomplicated or problematic printing and copying systems, why not sign up for managed print services? If your in-house human resources services are burning a hole in the company pocket, why not find a HR MSP to take over? The act of outsourcing a single service is great if you want a particular problem taken off your hands, particularly if you’re a smaller or newer business. In certain circumstances, it means that you can make significant savings by avoiding the use of salaried employees for the likes of IT support or HR.


Tailored or bespoke services are a great option if you have a few specific elements that you’d like to outsource without having to sign up for (and pay for) the whole picture. For example, if you’re looking for centrally managed antivirus software for your company as well as cloud and business phone services, why not look for an MSP that will handle all three and allow you to reject any additional options that you deem unnecessary? It’s a good idea to ask for tailored or bespoke options from every MSP you’re considering and make sure you find out which features are optional and can be removed from a package. When outsourcing a service, be sure to find out as much as you can about the cybersecurity in MSP company you choose. You’ll be sharing a lot of your business’s information with these specialists, so remember to check the nature of antivirus for MSP they’re using and their security policies.


While some managed service providers specialize in a single field, say business phone and mobile services, others can help you with anything from cloud systems to furniture to cybersecurity and everything in between. Keeping all of your outsourced services in one place can be a superb approach, after all, it saves you and your staff from having to contact someone different for every single issue. It may also be more affordable, as some providers offer a discount for multi-service package recipients. However, it’s important to be careful when selecting combined MSP services. Does your company definitely require every element of support listed? Can you ask for unnecessary features to be removed and pay less as a result? You should also think about the quality of the services provided. If an MSP is offering to handle pretty much everything for you, it’s important to be sure that they are equally capable in all areas. Check their qualifications, experience and reviews for each and every service before you sign up.

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