Download TVMC 17.6 APKfor Android and Windows 2019

If you are familiar with Kodi and XBMC then you might be known with the TVMC app. If you don’t anything about TVMC APK, then let me tell you first that TVMC App is an entertainment platform just like Kodi which is available for Android, Windows, and Mac platforms. So, here we are gonna show you how to download TVMC 17.6 Apk on Android and Windows.

Since TVMC known as the best Kodi and XMBC alternative, a lot of people around the world started using this TVMC app on Android and Windows devices to enjoy movies, TV shows, and stream video online for free. One great thing people like about TVMC is that once you install TVMC app, then you won’t need to add any other add-ons or do any manual task like Kodi.

Previously, TVMC was available on Google Play Store for Android devices. But due to its features, it is revoked and it has been removed from the store. Hence, people have been looking everywhere to download TVMC. So, we have come to help you get the latest version of TVMC 17.6 for Android and Windows to watch your favourite content.

Let’s Get The TVMC Apk Download Latest Version For Android & Windows

Before heading to the processes of installing TVMC APK on your Android and Windows PC, make sure that your system is capable to support TVMC 17.6 APK file.

File information:

  • Filename: tvmc.apk
  • Version: 17.6
  • Developer: custom
  • Updated: October 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up.
  • Apk size: 82.5 Mb

Requirements for TVMC Apk:

  • Android firmware must be 4.0 above.
  • No rooting and Jailbreaking is not required for TVMC App installation.
  • Good internet connectivity.
  • No need to give Your Credit information like Kodi.

Features of TVMC 17.6 Apk:

  • Watch movies, video and TV shows with Good Video and Audio Quality.
  • For streaming of content on TVMC, any permission or any Accounts are not required.
  • There are interesting options like Video and Audio Quality controllers.
  • Available on multiplatform’s for Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • TVMC contains best Add-ons compared to Kodi and XMBC.

How To Download And Install TVMC On Android [No ROOT]?

Step #1: Click the Download link below for TVMC Apk download.

Step #2: Next, the download will start automatically in a few seconds.

Step #3: Once it has done. Find the downloaded file. Click on downloaded Apk to install it.

Step #4: Click on Install button on the next screen and wait for some time till the installation process completes.

Step #5: That’s it. Now you have successfully installed TVMC 17.6 App version on your Android phone and you can start streaming your favourite TV shows and movies.

If you prefer to use TVMC on PC, then you can install TVMC 17.6 on Windows computer to watch content on a computer.

How To Download And Install TVMC On Windows7, 8, 10,?

Step #1: Click the Below Link then download the TVMC App on your Desktop PC.

Step #2: Next, Extract the Downloaded Zip file on your Desktop and install the TVMC .exe file.

Step #3: Now click on the Next button and you will get a pop-up window on the screen for license Acknowledge Agreement. So, when getting Pop-up on screen, simply Click on I Agree on options.

Step #4: Now click on the Next button continually and the installation process will start automatically. You will just need to wait for some time for the complete install of TVMC.

Hope you have installed TVMC app on your Windows PC. If you don’t know how to use TVMC app, then here we have a sort tutorial to get started using TVMC.

How To Use TVMC Application?

Step #1: Launch the App on your device. It will take a few minutes to open for the first time.

Step #2: Next, You will get a prompt on the screen. So, just click on OK button.

Step #3: Now click Finalize Installation and then hit Continue.

Step #4: Now it will take a few minutes to configure and then again click OK.

Step #5: Now choose the add-ons you want to install the app and select your desired categories.

Step #6: Cheers!

Final Lines

So, we discussed the full procedure to download and install TVMC app on Android and Windows. Hope you followed the tutorial carefully and enjoy all new movies and TV shows from the latest TVMC update. If you are happy with the guide, then please do share with your friends!

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