How To Turn on OK Google Easily on Your Android Phone

The world of communication channels has changed drastically in the last few decades and the way we operate the communication device as well. From Telephone to feature phone, then touch smartphones and right now we have been having the best time in the world with the latest available technology. Mobile phones have become smarter than men and that’s why they are widely popular as smartphones. Every year, all cell phone manufacturing and software development companies come up with a new feature for mobile phones. A few years ago, Google introduced Google Voice Assistance to offer more comfortable accessibility features. Now almost every latest Android smartphone comes with this Google Voice Assistance which is widely known as “OK Google”. In this tutorial, we would like to tell you how to turn on OK Google on your smartphone easily.  

Turn On Ok Google

Just like Amazon’ Alexa, Apple’ Siri and Windows’ Cortana, OK Google is Google’s voice assistant that helps to operate the phone and various other features. Setting up Ok Google is a very easy and simple process. It’s smart voice assistance that evolves with the use by the smartphone user so it is more personalized as per the user’s use. It’s like a growing baby so it learns from your needs and preferences and does work.

What “OK Google” can do? What does Google Voice Assistance do?

Users can use various functions of OK Google to open the application without touching. Users just have to speak “OK Google” followed by the question, query, or command they want it to perform. So before we start learning how to turn on OK Google or setting up OK Google, here are various things that OK Google can do.

  • Open any application on the phone. For example – “OK Google open Maps” or “open Calendar”.
  • Setting Reminder or alarm
  • Search anything by just speaking or making commands. For example – what’s weather today? Or which movies are running in cinemas? 
  • Other tips and tricks – Users can ask some random tricks and work such as flip a coin, tell me a joke, tell me a story, translation of your sentence in other languages. 
  • Changing phone functions such as setting the volume to a particular number, decrease or increase brightness, take a picture, turn on flashlight or Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, call a contact. 
  • Users can even post photos and videos, send a message, check email by contact, and much more.

How to Turn On OK Google | Enable Google Voice Assistance 

Enabling and setting up “Ok Google” is super easy just like turning on other features and functions of the phone. We have given a step by step guide to set up OK Google on your Android smartphone as well as iPhone and iPad

How to turn on OK Google on Android Phone

  • Open Google app on your Android phone or you can install it from Google Play Store.
  • From the bottom right in the app select More => then, settings => Voice
  • Here, tap on “Voice Match” under “Okay Google”
  • Finally, toggle on “Access with voice match”
  • Now open Google app on your device again
  • Say “Okay Google” or tap on the Microphone icon.

Note: On some Android phones, users can command Google Voice Assistance by saying “Okay Google” without even opening an app. 

Users can manually set the setting for Google Voice Search. Open “From the Google App” will allow you to use the OK Google within the app only, while the “From Any Screen” option will allow users to access OK Google when the screen of the smartphone is on. This doesn’t require you to open the Google app.

While setting the “Okay Google”, a user has to say “OK Google” three times as by this the system will remember your voice. So it won’t respond upon any other person’s voice command and that’s why “OK Google” is called a personalized voice assistant.

How to turn on OK Google on iPhone and iPad (Turn on Google Voice Search)

  • Open the Google app on your iPhone or iPad. Install it from the App Store. 
  • From the bottom right in the app select More => then, settings => Voice
  • Here, from multiple options, you can amend the changes. You have to turn on the settings of “OK Google”. So toggle on the last option to turn on OK Google on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap “Done” to save the changes.
  • Now open Google app on your iPhone anytime and just say “OK Google” followed by the command you want to give. 

How to delete “OK Google” recordings?

When you use OK Google on your iOS or Android smartphone, so the voice you use for “Voice Match” is recorded on your Google Account. They are inaccessible by a third person but for they can be deleted if you want to. Here’s how you can delete your OK Google voice recordings.

  • On your Android or iOS smartphone, open
  • Click on the “Menu” shown at the left side and then select “Other Google activity” => “Voice match enrollment” => “View Data”
  • Now, Click on the “More” (shown at the top right corner) and tap on “Delete All” to delete all the recordings.

How to change or add language in OK Google?

Users can also add another language. Here’s how to add another language to your OK Google.

  • Open the Google app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • From the bottom right corner, tap on “More” => Settings => Voice => Language and then “Add another language”

So users can just add any language they want to add to their Google Voice Assistance and use it with more than one language.

Final words:

So this is how users can set up OK Google on their various devices. On some Android devices, Google voice Assistance “OK Google” can also be turned on or enable from the phone Settings. The steps given above are quite simple and users can easily tune OK Google on any smartphone they have.

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