Best Tumblr Alternatives And Similar Micro-Blogging Sites

In this giant tech world, there are a lot of social media platforms-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more available where you can share your pictures and videos. But you can even explore your creativity with Tumblr- the best micro-blogging websites owned by Yahoo! Around 400 million people often use this platform to share their skill.

Still, some geeks are looking for other Tumblr like websites so that they can explore their talent in a wider range. Well, there are many other micro-blogging Tumblr alternatives available, but choosing the one is very tough. So, here we have collected the top 6 sites similar to Tumblr. Let’s check out the list!

Top Websites Like Tumblr: Best Tumblr Alternatives

1#. Blogger (Free Tumblr like websites owned by Google):

Blogger is a Google-possessed all out blogging site prevalent among artisans and the individuals who like to exhibit their speciality, composing, and different aptitudes. For the individuals who want to change to destinations like Tumblr, Blogger is an excellent choice. Contrasted with Tumblr, there is an absence of social highlights, yet in case you’re somebody who preferences perusing journal-like web online journals, Blogger has a lot of them.

2#. Medium (A Content-focused Tumblr like Blogging Website):

Medium is the blogging site you should settle on. You can say that it is superior to Tumblr about the nature of the substance. Medium Partner Program to procure from your compositions and thoughts. Medium isn’t an adept Tumblr substitution as you’ll not discover it as social as the last mentioned, however regardless, it is an extraordinary stage for authors, columnists, and substance makers.

3#. Mastodon (Open-Source Websites like Tumblr):

Mastodon is one of the most loved Tumblr options utilized by numerous individuals. It is a decentralized and open-source microblogging site that has singular servers and separated courses of events. Not at all like Tumblr, which has a focused network, has Mastodon had a friendly network with something for everybody?

4#. NewGrounds (A Social Media Network site Alternatives to Tumblr):

Newgrounds is not a Tumblr elective essentially; however, it is an extraordinary internet based life organizes for gamers, motion picture buffs, and specialists. The motivation behind why NewGrounds is the mainstream among those searching for options to Tumblr is the way that there are no exacting guidelines for grown-up content on the site.

5#. Pillowfort (The Perfect Tumblr Alternatives):

Pillowfort has ascended to notoriety after Tumblr expelled adult content from its website. To the joy of many, Pillowtalk permits NSFW content, which makes a definitive Tumblr trade in 2019 for each one of those goaded by the boycott forced by Tumblr. You can share content posts, photographs, GIFs, and delineations with the individuals who pursue your blog.

6#. WordPress (A Blogging sites like Tumblr):

WordPress is a prestigious site offering free site facilitating administrations just as a stage for bloggers to grandstand their ability. With basic UI and solid organization controls, this Tumblr elective is the world’s most-utilized blogging stage on the planet.

Final Words:

Hope this list worked for you to get the best alternative site of Tumblr. Once after choosing any websites from above please do not forget to share your opinion with us in the comments. Do you think it is better than Tumblr? Also, feel free to share other Tumblr like options in the comment box.

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