Top 9 Similar Sites like Tubi TV | Best Tubi TV Alternatives 2021 (Legal & Illegal)

What is Tubi TV?

Tubi TV is one of the best free and legal online streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. Just like other premium online streaming services, users can enjoy all the movies and TV shows here for free. All the titles are licensed but users will have to deal with commercials and ads on while streaming. Plus, the collection of movies and shows on the streaming service is limited compare to other paid streaming services.

Tubi TV

Why do I need Alternatives to Tubi TV?

As we said Tubi TV is totally legal and it offers licensed movies and shows for free but the collection is not as big as other streaming services. You may not find the latest released movies on this streaming service. So, to watch other movies and TV shows that aren’t available on Tubi TV you will need some of the top alternatives to Tubi TV. Here, we have mentioned some of the best free sites to watch movies and TV shows.


This Tubi TV alternative offers various movies and TV shows. Unlike some other websites, this is primarily a third-party directory. Instead of storing movies and TV shows on their site and servers, they are looking for movies and shows on the Internet. After collecting all the links, they make these links available to their customers.

Their user interface is elegant, professional, and intuitive. You can search by genre or by popular or featured. In addition, you can make inquiries and specifically search for or track the desired programs. As their links are with third parties, you may not be able to get a full set of broadcasts. That said, they continue to add movies, and your favorite program may soon become another application.


PrimeWire is also one of the best alternatives to PrimeWire. This free site offers a variety of modern and old classic films. It also offers a wide selection of foreign films. To watch movies, users can create an account. Registration is free and just download the application. Once installed, you have access to the full list of PrimeWire video links.

You can search for a course by title or browse the wide selection of over 73 films. In addition, Primewire has over 9,000 titles in terms of the overall content.  Unlike other movie streaming sites, Primewire is free and does not include advertising. 10 titles and no advertising – that’s the kind of experience Tubi TV doesn’t offer.


Hulu is a classic video streaming website. It offers services for free as well as paid. Although it offers a wide variety of high-quality films, it specializes in modern and classic television series. One of the best user interfaces of any fluid not only lets you track your favorite movies and build a library of your choice, but it also records the number of minutes or hours you watched them in series.

In the free version, there are limited movies and TV shows plus users will have to go through commercials on the site. The app of this online streaming service is available for iOS and Android devices.


For alternatives to Tubi TV, HDMovieCenter is one of the top options. This site offers Hollywood hits as well as recently released films from around the world. Its streaming service is user-friendly and its film streams in HD quality. The interface is bold, functional and intuitive, and you can choose your best options to look at later

In order to watch movies on HDMovieCenter, you will need a fast Internet connection. Without a broadband connection, you may face streaming issues. That said, if you’re looking for all the latest movies in HD then this is really a good alternative to Tubi TV.


MegaShare is less a video streaming site than others, but a huge search engine for movies and videos. The interface is configured similarly to the traditional search engine, and you can search by movie, genre, or country. In addition, you can specify whether you are looking for a TV series or movie.

As well as being able to search movies, users can create accounts. With a registered account, you can then create a movie library and a personal selection. Similar to other popular Tubi TV alternatives, MegaShare allows visitors to make movie requests. This site is totally free to use.


PopcornFlix is a legal website that provides all the movies and TV shows for free. The site has some special collections of movies and TV shows. It supports all the iOS, Android, Windows, as well as Roku and Firestick. Earlier, it was available only for US users but now its parent company Screen Media has made it available to more than 35 new countries. You just need to log in and search for movies or follow the most popular links. Although the application is free, some ads are posted, but they are always brief.

In terms of the user interface, users are welcomed in bold print against a blue background. It’s welcoming and easy to see. Lists of comments are on the front page, but you can also search for videos and series. The site is also developing its own TV series and Movies.

Sony Crackle

As its name says this site is owned by Sony but this online streaming service is totally free to use. All the movies and TV show titles on Sony Crackle are licensed but users will have to deal with ads. Crackle is a great legal alternative to Tubi TV and a hub of classic series and movies. In addition, to be available to PC users on the Web, Sony Crackle is also available through applications compatible with Apple and Android devices.

As the name suggests, it’s a place for people who love the TV series. However, this is one of the few places to watch TV series and older pilots. To use Sony Crackle, you need to activate your compatible device. Once activated, it will display all the available shows. As with many video streaming applications, you can apply and the Crackle TV team will search for related broadcasts.


SolarMovie lets you watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows for free. In fact, you can choose between local or international programs and the interface is very easy to use. For example, no matter what page you are in, whether in movies or on TV, the search buttons at the top of the page remain visible, allowing you to search new without type in the box or find the bar search.

To help you select all the movies, each display option includes an IMDb rating on the movie or TV icon, which gives you instant information about the quality of the content. In addition, in terms of audience engagement, SolarMovie includes audience rankings to help you make choices, and the application lets you express your own views. With each option, you also get suggestions for other display options. Finally, for film and television, you can search by IMDb rating.


G2G movies could also be a great alternative to Tubi TV.  This site only offers access to various movies made around the world so you would not find Tv series here. In addition, this Tubi TV alternative offers the largest library of Hindi, Bollywood movies, and English movies. Here, you don’t need to sign up to stream movies. You just need to open the site and you are good to go.

These are the main alternatives to Tubi TV to watch free movies and TV shows. There are many other similar sites but we think these are enough to cover all the things you will want to stream online.

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