How to stream Apple TV Plus on Android and Windows 10

The most awaiting step of Apple came with the launch of Apple TV Plus for all the Apple devices. The monthly rate of the service is $4.99, although this streaming service will be completely free for the whole year for the persons who have bought iPhone, iPad or Mac. Moreover, UNiDAYS offers free Apple TV Plus streaming only for the students on the purchase of Apple music subscription. Additionally, the good news is that the Apple TV Plus streaming is also applicable for Android and Windows users.

How to get Apple TV Plus on Android and Windows 10: Below mentioned are the steps for the Android and Windows PC users to stream Apple TV Plus contents on their respective devices:

  • At first, open Google Chrome or Firefox browser from your Android or PC

Apple TV Plus steps

  • After that, visit
  • Next sign-in to open Apple TV site home page

Apple TV Plus steps

  • For windows, user need to “create New Apple ID” to use Apple Tv web.

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Click to Create New Apple ID button, here you need to fill some basic information, like-First Name,Surname, Date of birth; check once and go to agree to term and condition, select country and then click on Continue button.

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Next you need to enter your email id and password to create your New Apple ID. now click Continue button.

Apple TV Plus steps

  • A verification code will be sending in your email address. open email then click the verification link to activate your New Apple ID.

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Then, you can try a seven-day free trial pack by using your Apple ID. You have an option to add payment details with new Apple ID for subscription Apple TV plus

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Click continue button to start your free trial Apple Tv for 1 week, if you want to continue this service, then you will be charged $4.99 per month.

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Now you need to again sign-in to open the Apple TV plus browser after clicking confirm button

Apple TV Plus steps

  • Click continue to start watching. Cancel the trial in Account Settings if you do not want further streaming.The streaming will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel it.

Devices where Apple TV Plus can be used: The accessibility of Apple TV Plus is available in the below-listed devices:

  • iPhones, iPods and iPods touch
  • Mac devices
  • Apple TV streaming box

This app can be accessed in these non-Apple TV devices, like-

  • Roku and the available smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV devices and smart TVs
  • Samsung smart TVs

Users can also watch the Apple TV Plus via website.

Future streaming devices: Apple assures its users that the app, Apple TV Plus will soon be available in the smart TVs of Sony, LG and, Vizio.

Drawbacks: The streaming of Apple TV Plus is not available on any Android devices, excluding iPhones and iPads. So, the non-Apple phone’susers need to stream their respective Androids through web.

Cost: The Apple purchasers of recent times (after September 10, 2019) get an exclusive offer to stream Apple TV Plus for completely free of cost for one year. Other users can also avail the seven- days free trial pack. After that, the users who are willing to subscribe further will cost $4.99 in a month.

Additional feature: Apple TV Plus has set-up a family sharing offer where you can share your same subscription with the other five people of your choices.

So, reading this article you have got a clear idea of how to stream Apple TV Plus app on Android and Windows 10. Getting inclined with this app you can enjoy watching a variety of programmes on it.

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