Is Trugala Jewelry a Scam or Legit Online Store?

Are you planning to buy some jewelry or accessories for yourself? If you answered yes, you might have come across the name, “TrugalaJewelry” online. It is an online jewelry and accessory store that hosts a variety of items.

Given how recent and trending the platform is, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the buyers are often looking for the seal of authenticity. Is the platform legit? Should you consider purchasing from them? The list of questions is endless.

This article will deep dive into exploring more about Trugala Jewellery, its origin, policies and the kind of customer reviews it has gotten.

What is Trugala Jewellery?

Trugala Jewellery is an online e-commerce platform that’s dedicated to selling women’s and men’s jewelry and accessories.

You can find a wide range of bracelets, necklaces and so much more on the website. Although the website is secured using an SSL certification, the domain registration data suggests that the domain has been bought in February 2023 and will be renewed in February 2024.

This has raised a lot of questions in people’s minds regarding the website’s authenticity and the kind of products they are selling.

What are the Benefits of Trugala Jewellery?

Although people are indeed skeptical about Trugalajewelry and its authenticity, you can’t deny the fact that people are buying from the website.

The main advantage of this website is the trending designs of jewellery and affordable prices. You can find a variety of items at cheaper price points, something that you will be appreciative of in the long run.

Also, despite there being a lot of noise regarding the shipping, Trugala is quite prompt with its shipping process. So, if you are wondering about their shipping policies, you can best be assured that things will be sorted out in no time.

Furthermore, to attract more customers, Trugala often has special discounts and sales going on year around. This means that you can buy the products for even cheaper prices.

Is Trugala a Legit Website?

There’s no way of confirming whether or not Trugala is a legit online store or not. Their website seems to be legit, especially with the SSL certificate. This means that the domain is legit and the products listed are legit too.

Customers who have bought from the website have clarified that they have received their orders. Some received them late and some received products that weren’t of the best quality.

Now, that said, there are a few sketchy things when it comes to the website. Firstly, Trugala doesn’t have a dedicated About Us section or a Contact page. This leaves the customers in a state of confusion as to where the company is based and where they are sourcing their products from.

If you are considering buying from Trugala, we’d recommend you proceed with caution. Never make big purchases or orders right away. You never know if the order will be delivered to you as promised.

That’s the reason, ideally, you start with small orders and then check the quality to determine whether or not you will order again in the future.

Also, their return and exchange policy is kind of weird, which has raised people’s eyebrows regarding the platform’s authenticity.

Final Verdict

While we can’t say for sure that Trugala Jewellery is a scam, we also can’t rule out the fact that the website looks suspicious. We’d recommend you proceed with caution, read through the reviews online, and only buy products that have reviews beside them. Avoid buying expensive items right away since that might end up leading to a problem.



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