Top suggestions to do while being on the phone

Spending your time on the phone can most of the time be unmanageable. Scrolling the phone screen for hours over and over again and trying to find some activities on the phone can get quite monotonous. If you are trying to spend some time on the phone and still do some fun and relevant activities the suggestions would definitely help to get your head around and manage your time beneficially.

suggestions on phone

Easy, portable entertainment

If you are a person who prefers entertainment to study then for sure this option is for you. Playing games and downloading new apps from the phone is not a new deal in 2019, but what if you turn playing games to more profitable and time managing activity. If you choose to play games over learning new things then the first tip would be for sure setting a time. It is really easy to get lost while being focused so go ahead and set a time for yourself. Thousands of games are made every day for people like us, but are there really good ones that can really make your time more beneficial? Of course. The first option would definitely be finding a logic puzzle game they are quite acclaimed ones. You are given an opportunity to play and train your mind. Another activity could be playing online gambling games for free and just for fun without playing for real money. First, allow yourself and learn the rules of the game and of course, if there is a skill involved, improve playing strategy, try visiting a website which explains everything in depth.

Learning a new language

Fortunately for us nowadays if you want to study a new language there is no necessity to have a teacher. Technology has given us new opportunities to learn new languages and cultures and acknowledge them much more with the help of visual elements. All of this really helps to gain confidence when it comes to learning new languages. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the train, bus or still in bed you can always learn a new language on the phone or computer. Some people even change their phone language for obvious reasons.

 Smartphones play an essential role in our lives that is exactly why it is great for learning a new language. No matter what level you are at now apps that are being offered by various smartphones will support you through any stages of language learning and this all can be possible from any device then you keep in your pocket.

There are hundreds of new apps offering the same options. The main benefit is the combination of the visual and auditory learning process which boosts your language memory. Most of the applications even use fun and intriguing games to constantly test your skills.

Writing a Blog

Keeping a blog can be the most relaxing and easy thing for most people. Having a free moment can be full of thoughts, so in order to refresh your mind just jot something down in your phone. Fortunately for us, most smartphones now provide us with the ability to publish blog posts directly from smartphones and most blogging platforms contain settings that can be modified for the ability to blog from a smartphone by email. As an alternative, there are also numerous applications that could be downloaded directly to your smartphone and it also allows you to modify and manage an entire blog, in addition to always being able to post new blog posts.

Listen to a podcast

There are various reasons why podcasts are trending as a new platform. Thousands of high-quality podcasts are regularly being recorded that either informs or entertains audiences and you are able to listen to it in any type of environment you could think of. Also, it is a really easy way to take a break from your music playlist. As everyone knows even the largest playlist libraries can get boring. There are a number of tasks that do not necessarily require a lot of brainpower, such as driving to work, cleaning the house and making food. Podcasts are perfect for these kinds of situations and it is a great way to pass the time, and it lets you immerse yourself in an informative conversation. It is also a great education. The times when u are doing your chores or exercising can be very easily used in advantage and prepare you for your career.

To sum up, being on your phone can be very productive as well. It is mostly all about managing your time and being in control of yourself. It is okay to spend 2-3 hours on the phone during the day but it is much more beneficial if you use these good opportunities that Technology has offered to us, simple customers.

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