Top Arab Gamers and Streamers You Need to Follow

Sometimes, you may have finished a game and want to watch more games without actually playing. Sometimes, a game may be too difficult for you to finish and you may need a little assistance but don’t know where to turn to. Streamers will fill the gap.

Arab Gamers

Many of the top streamers use platforms like to stream titles like CS:GO. Some of these streams garner hundreds of thousands of viewers and because of this, many gambling sites will provide CSGO betting markets for you whilst you watch. It’s not uncommon to find sites offering CSGO crash which you can play for real money.

Since 2010, the video game live streaming feature has grown tremendously. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have seen an astronomical increase in live stream services by 2021. On these platforms, professional gamers from across the globe upload a wide range of video gamers to meet the growing needs of millions of online game viewers globally. Note that the second quarter of 2019 recorded about 4 billion hours of game live streaming.  If you’re on Twitch, make sure you buy Twitch viewers & followers to increase your profile popularity.

If you are a games lover and desire to follow some streamers, here is a list of gamers and streamers of Arab descent you should consider following:

  1. Follow the following Jordan-based gamers and streamers:
  • Maherco Gaming: Maherco Gaming is a PUBG specialist. The hackers eradicator is very active on Facebook.
  • Colonel: Colonel is a First Person Shooter games specialist with a prominent mustache that distinguishes him from others. His moustache earned him the Colonel nickname. You can follow this amazing streamer if you love Call of Duty: Warzone or Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Ruba Jaiousy: Ruba Jaiousy is a female gamer who deserves a mention here although she isn’t the only female gamer of Arab descent. She’s a role-playing games specialist with a taste for quality. On her channel, you will find some of her soundtrack games, gaming tips, gaming tutorials, and other valuable pieces of information for gamers. You will fall in love with her amazing collecting of games and controllers.
  1. Egypt boasts of an impressive list of gamers and streamers that deserve your following.
  • Pisty: If there is any weird game in the world, whether you have heard of it or not, Pisty has actually had a shot at it. Visit his Red Bull Gaming Channel to watch his streams.
  • Ramy Saad: NasrEsports team member, Ramy Saad, is a FIFA professional player. He is the best ranked professional player in Egypt and ranked 21st in the world.
  1. Bahrain isn’t short of veteran streamers.
  • Sayed Hashem is a reputable player from that region. He is a professional Tekken and Mortal Kombat player. The NasrEsports team member is a 3-time EVO finalist and multiple titles holder.
  1. Qatar is ably represented in the gaming and live streaming world too.
  • Ahmad Meghessib. He ranks among the best FIFA players in that part of the world. The FIFA Interactive World Cup ushered him into the world of FIFA games at just 19. In 2017, he was selected as a world representative in FIWC. He has gradually cemented his place among the best as PSG eSports team member and a member of the Qatari National Team. This is aside from playing as a midfielder for Duhail Sports Club and an athlete signed to Red Bull.
  1. Derrad is Lebanon’s representative.
  • Derrad: His vast knowledge in an array of games-related stuff is legendary. From game stories to games, he’s a walking encyclopedia. Nevertheless, don’t think you can catch him off guard with non-games related stuff. You’ll be shocked.

You can follow any of these expert gamers and live streamers and gain more gaming knowledge and experience through them.

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