Best 6 TikTok Alternatives in India After Banned on TikTok 2021

TikTok is not a new thing for almost everybody who uses a smartphone and is aware of all the latest things going around in the world of technology and the trend. Earlier known as and now TikTok, this Chinese app has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years in the world. This app simply allows users to make short videos and share with different filters and audio. TikTok has the highest users in India but recently the Indian government has banned TikTok and other 58 Chinese apps in India as they were risky to use.

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TikTok has also been claimed to have no privacy policy and the user data is not secure. But as now TikTok has been banned in India, many users are looking for some of the best alternatives to TikTok. Well, we might already familiar with some apps like TikTok but here, we are going to offer you some more apps similar to TikTok that can be used to create great content with some exciting features and filters.

Top alternatives to TikTok 2021

1. DubsMash

Dubsmash was already popular before TikTok got so much attention in the last few years. Many Bollywood celebrities made videos and share them on various social media platforms. But after 2017, TikTok became a huge success and suppress the success of Dubsmash but still, Dubsmash is popular and it can be a great alternative to TikTok in 2021 as well.

Dubsmash can be installed on iOS and Android smartphones. It has a similar feature of lip-syncing with audio. Users can also record or add their own audio here and make a creative video with various stickers and filters along with text overlays. It has social media integration and can be used to share the video on your other social profiles.

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2. Likee or Like App

Likee was earlier known as Like App is one of the best similar apps to TikTok to used in India. Many believe that it is also a Chinese application but Like is a Singapore-based video sharing application according to its Wikipedia page. Just like TikTok, users can make creative videos on this application. Many Bollywood actors and actresses like Tiger Shroff and Disha Patni have shared this app on their Instagram accounts.

This app will allow users to make videos with more special effects and visual effects to their videos. In India, it has already gained a lot of users and after they banned on TikTok, Like can be a great alternative to try on. If you are looking for some more features than TikTok then this can be a perfect option for Indian TikTok lovers.

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3. Funimate

Funimate may not be a new name for many users around here as it already has millions of users. One of the best things about this TikTok alternative application is that users can create a music video with any style given in the app. The app has got a massive audio library where users can find various dialogues and songs to make videos. It has git various effects and transition features to make your video more attractive to your viewers. The app is completely free for all to download and use but some features can be used with in-app purchases.

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4. Triller

Triller is also a video sharing application or a more like a platform where users can create videos with its over 59 filters and make videos by trimming and merging. Earlier, it was just a video editing app but now it has transformed into an app like TikTok so you can show your talent and creative videos to other users on the platforms. It can be installed on Android and iOS devices so you can have fun on making the video with the device you possess and with its social media integration, you can share the video on the other platforms as well.

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5. Magisto

The Magisto can also be a great TikTok alternative as it has got some AI features to change your video filters and editing. Its community allows us to meet video creators who share the same style as us, as well as discover new music videos. It offers a large number of dialogue materials. It has a Music Magic filter that applies the effects depending on the volume or intonation. It can be downloaded on various devices so you can have fun on no matter what device you use.

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6. Vivavideo

VivaVideo app is not a community-based platform like TikTok but it offers some unique features to edit your videos and add a variety of filters, transition, stickers, effects, and many other things. It is more like a video editing app so users can have full freedom of video editing without any other hassle. Users can use this app offline and make videos like never before. Well, the application is totally free but users can access more offerings of this app by purchasing a subscription of the app. It is compatible with iOS and Android so users can make their videos more interesting with its various features. This app can really be one of the most awesome alternatives to TikTok.

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Bottom line

Every app we have mentioned here on the list has potential features for creating some goof video that can be used to share with other users. All of them can be better TikTok alternatives. Not only India, but they can also be used worldwide. Most of the applications are free so feel free to use them and don’t stop creating good “content.”

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We are going to offer you some more apps similar to TikTok that can be used to create great content with some exciting features and filters.

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