Lookmovie: Top Similar Sites to Lookmovie to Watch Free HD Movies Online 2021

Many users spend hours after hours watching our favorite TV series or movies on a really wonderful free movie site – lookmovie. But as usually happens with this type of platform, it ended up being blocked by various countries in the world and closed its doors, finally taking away all the content hosted on its servers. Where to watch free series and movies? What are the best alternatives to lookmovie? We will tell you.


Thanks to lookmovie’s success, there is no shortage of competitors who retained the throne after the fall of said platform. But that is an opportunity for us, so there are still many spaces to discover and various options to continue watching our favorite movies and TV shows in the best quality available. Here, we are going to list down some of the best alternatives to lookmovie that are the best sites to watch movies and TV series.

Best Lookmovie Alternatives 2021


Despite the fact that 123movies has been the target of authorities and Google due to the nature of its content, they have managed to reappear with other servers. This platform is recognized for hosting a lot of incredible series and movies, so you can what them completely free now. If you like subtitles, you can simply choose the original option and activate them to read as you enjoy the performances.

Meanwhile, 123moviees has a peculiarity, and that is that it provides you with a lot of American content, including series from that territory, in case you like those types of shows. In turn, you also have the opportunity to view the most spectacular films of the moment, which are loaded just a few days or weeks from their theatrical releases. The best thing is that you will not have to stress looking for secure servers, as this is fully reliable. So, this site can be one of the best alternatives to lookmovie.

PopCorn Time

Finally, one of the most varied and promising alternatives to lookmovie of the moment. PopCorn Time has a much more extensive catalog than the extinct platform, which includes lots of international series, recognized and simple movies, among many other options that you will surely want to take into account. It comes with its own installable applications for multiple platforms and you don’t need to register to use it. The ads might be a little issue here but you can easily deal with it.


Very similar to lookmovie, MovieGaga is a great alternative, since its catalog could be as extensive or a little more than that platform. The most important thing is that you will have millions of content to watch online, choosing the multiple options according to the quality of the video, because that aspect is also very important. This will allow you to watch on different devices, including cell phones, tablets, computers, and smart televisions.

On the other hand, MovieGaga includes its own buttons to download the series you want, in case you don’t want to go through annoying charging plugs or power banks, in case your internet speed is very slow. However, among the negative aspects of that server, we stumbled upon the fake download buttons. In general, these are advertisements and banner ads, but they can result in malware, so be careful. Another thing, you don’t need to register here and its premium classy UI will definitely attract you.


And if you are looking for alternatives to lookmovie that are dedicated, solely and exclusively to that type of content, then GoMovies is the one that best suits your requirements. This platform is highly recognized among the users for the video quality. As it is solely dedicated to movies only, no shows, documentaries, or the like are present around here.

To make matters best, GoMovies will not ask you for any special registration, emails, or any credentials, so you can access it from any device or computer and start streaming your favorite movies. In addition, the content is protected all the time and will not be lost, even if the servers go down since these are hosted in Openload to safeguard them all the time. The important thing here is the quality of the audio and video and its maximum availability.


For the most demanding and exquisite, MovieNinja is that platform that will finally let you watch movies and series in 4K format to enjoy on your huge smart TV. And it is that all the content hosted on its servers has a variety of qualities and dimensions, including the maximum to take advantage of it as many times as you want. In addition, the vast majority, if not all, of the collection has multiple servers so there is no hassle in streaming.

In fact, MovieNinja is a platform that has a pirate reputation like many others. Developers are in charge of testing and checking the links to prevent them from containing viruses, and that is a highlight that you should consider, although caution is recommended because you are not completely exempt from malicious downloading. It also houses series and short films.


It doesn’t matter if you want to have a free Netflix account, but you don’t have to pay it, because Popcornflix will avoid you going through those cumbersome and illegal processes. This platform is inspired by the streaming giant, with an interface that resembles it in every way. As for the content, you can see the most acclaimed series of this year, including different languages and qualities, as well as Japanese series, anime, dramas, and the like. With its massive collection, it can be one of the best alternatives to Lookmovie.


PubFilm is an incredible platform that can be Lookmovie alternative with its massive collection of movies and TV shows. It is very focused on the content of comedies and aimed at the whole family, so the most recognized films and series in those areas are hosted here, to see them on the best quality and online. It also has an anime collection that can be enjoyed for free.

In that sense, PubFilm is a free site that will let you watch your most acclaimed series and movies without having to pay a single penny and without subscribing either. Of course, because the platform is supported through advertising, you will notice that in all its spaces there are many and annoying advertisements, which can interfere with the use of the service. But if you download one of the ad blockers that are on the web, you will easily solve that problem.


This is not a usual free movie streaming site but it can be one of the most important sites to download movies and TV shows for free. It has an extensive catalog of content and many positive features to highlight. One of them is quality since you have the opportunity to download your favorite series or movies at any time and in the highest quality. It has some annoying ads on the download page but you can block them with AdBlock.

In addition, this Lookmovie alternative has a peculiarity that you cannot find in the other websites. There you will find, in an organized, chronological and compiled way, all the series, films You should also know that you download content via Mega and Openload, which are the safest servers but still you have to be aware that you don’t get malware on your device.

Bottom line

123movies, Pubfilm, and Moviegaga are three of the most recognized and popular lookmovie alternatives so far, but there are still many additional options that you should try, so take the time to take a look at the multiple free streaming sites on the list. We have tested them in their entirety, and although some are lighter and more effective than others, they are incredible due to the large free collection they host on their servers and the easy to access. Happy Streaming!

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