The process of 3d art model creation

Creating an Art concept is a very exciting process that needs to be approached with responsibility. Today we will talk about it in more detail.

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How is the process going?

The first step is to make a sketch. Most often this is done with a regular pencil and paper. This is a very convenient and fast way to get the desired sketch, which can be easily corrected or redrawn. Although there are specialists who use various software solutions for this. Here, as you like.

The next step is the final one. Converting a sketch into a final illustration is a process that can also be done in Adobe Illustrator. If you’re drawing on paper, you can easily import an image and outline it with the many tools available. Illustrator is particularly suited to vector graphics, ideal if you need to resize and resize objects without losing clarity.

To experiment with vector compositions and understand their characteristics, you can start by downloading free software such as Inkscape. It is an alternative to Illustrator that allows you to manipulate vector objects while maintaining good control over nodes, lines, and shapes. It can be difficult to understand all of its tools at first, but you can always count on a large number of resources.

Artists who enjoy sketching and illustrating on the go will find Procreate very useful. Designed exclusively for the iPad, this illustration app allows designers to use the Apple Pencil to draw directly on the screen. It includes many features that simplify drawing operations and provide good tool customization.

Today, many games are created in 3D, so having 3D modeling skills and familiarity with the main software on the market is a plus that development studios look for when hiring. Maya is one of the most used programs in the industry, and while as a concept artist you probably won’t be able to use its full potential, it’s a great tool for modeling, animation, and rendering. 3ds Max is another tool that has become the industry standard for 3D modeling due to its flexibility and ease of use.

ZBrush differs from other modeling software in that it digitally tracks sculpting techniques in which a ball of clay is modeled by hand. In this way, high-resolution models rich in detail can be created with a more natural approach. A free alternative to 3D modeling in Blender, which offers a complete package in many ways: modeling, sculpting, lighting, and rendering. While you don’t have to create good concept art with 3D tools, knowing how to do it can help you explore new perspectives and shapes


How to become a concept artist

The video game industry is very competitive, however with solid experience and the right motivation it is easier to pursue a career as a concept artist. First of all, choose the learning path that suits your needs. Many developmental studies require degrees in-game art or graphic design, and candidates who complete advanced courses are welcome.

It takes a lot of applications to become a concept artist – you should practice drawing regularly to hone your skills and improve your artistic skills. While there is no limit to the different types of concept art you can try your hand at during your career, it can be beneficial to specialize in a specific area: character and creature design, environment design, props, and weapon or vehicle concepts. Video games are a very creative sector.

Your business card, however, will always be your portfolio. It is important that it is edited and always updated: organize your work by choosing the best and showing them. There are many sites where you can promote your work, such as ArtStation, Carbonmade, Behance, and even Instagram, which can be a great platform to showcase your work, as did Sean Waugh, concept artist at Eidos Montreal.

Keep some consistency in mind: if you love drawing characters, try to focus on this aspect. Of course, being versatile is a good skill, but don’t try to show a little of everything. Stay true to yourself and let your personality emerge through sketches, illustrations, and renders.

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