Technology Usage: The Way to Make Reading Enjoyable for Children

In a recent survey, one-third of parents read books to their children every night. More than half of those surveyed said their children spend most of their time with video games and TV rather than books. There was also an alarming percentage of families with no books at all in the home. How to motivate children to read?

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There are various topics online sources with essays with examples that you can read for yourself. Children will be able to practice reading with papers with examples, which will have a positive impact on their development. They also provide the opportunity to choose a text from the category that is most interesting to the child.

Why is it important for children to read?

Reading to your children is not just a pleasant thing, it is essential to their development. They will be better prepared for school and will be able to absorb the curriculum faster in the future as achieve success eventually. Furthermore, the daily ritual of reading, especially before bedtime, helps with emotional growth. In addition, reading helps your child learn new words and some of the differences between spoken and written language.

When reading a book or when a parent reads a book for him, the child has to make an effort. He has to present a picture in his head of what is happening, creating in his mind his impression and his own inner experience. Children who love to be read to and enjoy looking at books on their own actively use their minds and memory to tell themselves a fascinating story.

How can you make reading more fun?

Reading is a dialogue with the author, a search for answers to questions, and a starting point for reflection. Talk to your child about the works he or she has read. The more questions he asks you, the better his understanding of the book becomes.  Your child must learn to form his or her own opinions about the actions of the characters, evaluate them, to make personal meaning of the stories. Discussion, in addition to a deep understanding of the text, helps students learn to express their thoughts about what they have read.

The readings can be discussed and retold in more than one way. Children do the task in the form of a game with great pleasure. And because they need to know the content well, they are more motivated to read.

The best learning-to-read system

Glenn Doman for teaching children to read suggested the following “read technology”: a child from a early age (the earlier, the better) adult shows cards with words written on them. In doing so, he (that is, the adult) talks aloud the words written on the card shown to the baby. Cards should be shown according to a certain scheme, gradually replacing one word with another. Children should not hold the cards in their hands. The method can be used with children from 0 to 5 years.

Teaching reading by Glenn Doman can be divided into the following stages:

  1. 1. We read words from simple to complex, then read verbs.
  2. 2. Read word combinations, then simple and complex sentences.

You will need to prepare more and more word cards in parallel with this activity, then sentences, and then stories.

Text services can help children make reading fun

When choosing an app to help young children learn to read, there are various key points to consider so that the app is best suited to the child’s needs.

Bini ABC games for kids

With Mini ABC, the little ones will have a very fun way to read. The app allows you to learn new words and the alphabet. This is an exclusive and effective game in the method of teaching reading to boys and girls. In it, they will have to trace the animated letters and make words out of them.

Bini ABC has two learning modes:

  1. Syllable reading mode.
  2. Letter reading mode.

Games for learning to read

This app offers another way to make kids learn the letters of the alphabet with ease and interest. This educational game is geared toward children ages 2 to 5. In addition to new words or letters, the child will learn more about how to pronounce sounds and syllables in the app, and  how to write all the letters perfectly.

One of the main benefits of using this app is that the child learns more new words. The app is quite bright and attracts the child’s attention. The illustrations will help visualize the words and meanings. The child will eagerly learn each exercise in which they have to listen, read, write, and learn. Children also have assignments to remember all the new things they have learned.


A book plays an important role in a child’s development. Thanks to the technology used that makes reading enjoyable, children learn and memorize new words, the content, and illustrations of the book help expand his or her horizons and develop memory and attention. The book lays the foundation of such an important quality, like curiosity.

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