Tactics To Verify Your Email Addresses Quik

Every email marketer knows launching email campaigns goes beyond preparing catchy content and uploading an email database into your email sending tool. To ensure decent results, you must take care of several other aspects essential for email marketing.

One of them is verifying email addresses you have obtained in different ways. So, how to verify the email address quickly and simply? In this article, we gathered a few pieces of advice for you.

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Why Should I Verify An Email Address Before Mailing

The main reason why you need to verify email addresses is to ensure that your email won’t bounce back from inactive users. Such hard bounces will negatively affect your sender’s reputation, making you look like a spammer. In this case, your email newsletter will go to spam folders or won’t even pass spam filters, and all your efforts would become fruitless.

How Do I Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

A manual approach for verification implies that you should email every address in your database and check if it reaches the end-point recipient. As you can see, it is a long and cumbersome process you might want to avoid.

Fortunately, the market has come up with ready-made solutions you can leverage. Choose an online email verifier and automate the verification process. You just need to upload your database, and it will do a check using different instruments.

Tactics To Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Any Email

#1: Use a Stand-Alone Email Verification Tool

As email marketing is a tool quite popular among marketers, entrepreneurs have developed a lot of solutions for these purposes. Verifiers aren’t an exclusion, so you can see a wide selection of different tools. They vary in functionality and prices, so you can always find a solution that will be the most suitable for your business.

#2: Use a Verifier Integrated into Your Other Email Software

If you’re an experienced user of different email solutions, you might not need to look for new verifier providers. Most likely, your current provider of email sender will have other solutions that help to verify databases or extract email addresses. Check the payment plan of your partners: maybe using their platform with numerous features would be cheaper than using stand-alone tools?

How An Email Verifier Works

The operations of the email verifier consist of two steps.

Email verification is the first one. Here, the tool is checking if an email address is active and is able to receive emails without bouncing them back. To do that, a tool runs different types of checks, namely syntax, domain, catch-all, and MX record.

The next step is called email validation, and it is designed to show the results of email verification and provide you with relevant statuses of every email you need to check.


The answer to the question “how can I verify an email address” is pretty simple: you need to use a tool designed for these purposes, and you will get a result rapidly and without any difficulties.

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