Spooky Cipher Pokemon Go Guide

Pokemon Go’s Spooky Cipher task is gaining immense popularity these days. You can collect this field challenge during the Go Tour: Hoenn event in Pokemon Go. But while such tasks are pretty common in this game, Spooky Cipher is a bit different than others and doesn’t clearly tell you what their challenge is. Instead, it hides the task behind grey blocks to text to keep gamers hooked to the end.

So, what is Pokemon Go Spooky Cipher, and how can you get through the challenge? If all these questions seem bothering, you’ve landed at the rightmost link to resolve your queries. Scroll down the page and find a comprehensive Spooky Cipher guide you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

What is Spooky Ciphers?

As soon as you spin the wheel during the Go Tour event in Pokemon Go, you may receive a field research task, Spooky Ciphers. So, what is this challenge, and what’s the buzz all about?

This task is slightly different than others in the event, with the exception that some of its letters have been blocked out, and you have to find them to put the challenge to rest. It is a decoded task, and you can only acquire it during the event.

Spooky Cipher might seem gut-wrenching at first glance, but its broken text is intentional and is placed with the purpose of testing your game knowledge and wits. But thankfully, Spooky Ciphers can be completed just like any other field research task. All you need is to finish the challenge, and you’ll get an encounter with a Gen 3 ghost-type Pokemon, thus satisfying its name, “Spooky” Ciphers.

What is Spooky Ciphers Research Guide?

Looking for help? Although Spooky Ciphers is one of the interesting and gripping Pokemon Go field research tasks, it is equally challenging and might not be solved on your own. But don’t worry, as we are here to assist you.

Here, we’ve listed all the Spooky Ciphers in their completed form, so you can complete the challenge without scratching your head all day long. Let’s get started.

  • Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon Reward
  • Transfer 5 Pokemon to the professor
  • Make 5 Great Throws in a row, without missing any.
  • Evolve a Nincada reward

Fret not, as completing each task assures you to earn an encounter with spooky Pokemon, such as Sableye, Shuppet, Shedninja, and Duskull. Using this cheat code or research guide is the best method to give your game a much-desired boost and complete the challenge in the shortest possible time.

Also, remember that the tasks are limited, and you should be careful and quick when completing them. Hence, don’t resist this research guide and streamlines the process.


Pokemon Go’s famous Go Tour: Hoenn Event is here with some of the most challenging and gripping tasks of all time. One such is Spooky Ciphers which requires intense knowledge and problem-solving skills in place to get solved. But since these tasks are available only during the event and for a limited time, it’s good if you find a loophole to complete them and move further. Don’t look further, as this research guide will definitely help. Here, we’ve jotted down all the ciphers in their complete texts to help players. Bookmark the page and use this cheat or research guide to get it done.

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