Top 12 Similar Sites like Wish to Shop Online|The Best Alternatives to

You are here to know about sites like wish so apparently know what it does and how you can order things from it at cheaper rates. And those of you who don’t know what Wish sites are then Wish is an online shopping site just like Amazon or Alibaba. Just like any other online retail site, wish allows sellers across the world to sell things online.


Wish is an American based company but it has products mostly from China and non-branded things. Well, Wish has got mixed reviews from users all across the world. Some say Wish site is a scam and some say it is a legitimate site. But let me tell you one thing. No one is going to give you a Drone or an iPhone in $15 so don’t fall in the trap. Wish is known to give users all the things at cheaper rates but use common sense before ordering. Wish takes over a month to deliver the products.

But Wish is only the online shopping site where you can get some great discounts. Here we have listed some of the best e-commerce sites like Wish that you can try to buy products at a great deal.

The Top Alternatives to Get Products for Free

1.      AliExpress

Alibaba doesn’t need an introduction as it is an even bigger e-commerce site than Amazon. This China-based online shopping site has another offering called AliExpress. Through the AliExpress site, users can get deliveries at every corner of the world.

Just like Wish, you can get great offers at AliExpress and their international deliveries take around 30 days of time. The products are shipped from China and the prices are very low so the wait is really worth. So, when you are looking at some of the best similar sites like the AliExpress is the first you want to check out.

2.      Zulily

Just like, Zulily is available as an app as well as a website. The prime purpose of the site’s establishment was to provide children wears but now it has grown into an e-commerce site that has a lot to offer. Zulily has products for mother, pregnant ladies, toys for children, kitchen appliances, and various similar things.

The app will notify users when there is a next sale or deal is available. You can get all the popular things that you want for yourself, your kid, or your home at very cheaper rates. Zulily has sellers all across the world but it also has its own products line so you can rely on the quality of the products.

3.      Light in the Box

This is another alternative to which comes from China. Home appliances, home goods, electronic gadgets, and some little things you need in your daily life can be got at a great deal at Light in the Box. The product choices are not wider than AliExpress or Wish or eBay but the low price and great discount on the products are really show-stealer.

It offers international shipping service and delivers in a month or two but you don’t want to wait then you can pay a few more bucks to get your shipping fast. And, yes you can pay through PayPal here.

4.      Overstock

This is one of the best Wish you really need to check out. If you love shopping at the flea market then Overstock does the same thing for you. Being in the market for more than 20 years, Overstock is popular to sell goods at cheaper rates.

The good thing Overstock is that you don’t get products from sellers registered at the site. Overstock as its own product line and you can get home products, furniture, and similar products and if you don’t like them you can return them quickly. The quality is assured as there is no third-party seller included.

5.      BangGood

BangGood is also a trusted site to sell various products at cheaper rates. This e-commerce site from China has to be on the list of sites like Wish as it offers apparel, electronic gadgets, and every little thing. You will find all the things you want at low prices and you will be able to track your products after the shipment. International customers can pay through PayPal or other eWallet.

BangGood cannot be compared to AliExpress as it has not huge choices of products but when you get what you want at low prices then there is nothing wrong to check this site.

6.      GearBest

When we are talking about sites like or Wish alternatives then every e-commerce site from China that offers international deliveries should come into this list. So, yes, GearBest is a Chinese site and it popular in providing electronic products directly from wholesalers or factories at a lower price.

This Alternative to Wish delivers products in the international market and the time of delivery could be in a month or a few more than that. If you want electronic products for your home, office, personal use, or anything, GearBest is the site you need. PayPal is accepted here.

7.      ASOS

This British alternative site is popular among shopping lovers to buy apparel, skincare products, and other similar products. The target market of ASOS is the young generation. So, if you like those shoes on a TikTok video then you will definitely get them on ASOS at a cheaper price. This could be one of the best sites to buy shoes at cheaper price and get trendy fashionable clothes.

The site is really easy to access and you will find the accurate photos of the products. The price may be a little higher than Wish or AliExpress but the quality is much better.



Final words…

These are the 12 best similar sites like to enhance your shopping experience. Next time you want to buy some products at a lower price and the time is not an issue for that then try any of the sites we have mentioned below. Don’t forget to tell us which one did you like the most.

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