SHOWBOX APK: Download now & start binge-watching

The advancement in technology and the use of the internet has indeed changed our daily life schedule. Today the importance of digital media is supreme and it has positively impacted us, both personally as well as professionally. We have all become digitally sound, thus improving our communication, collaboration and social networking skills.

With the advent of the internet, almost everything seems accessible from the comfort of our homes. From shopping to communicating to watching movies, playing games- everything is online. There is no point standing in queues to get things done or sorted.

Many movie- streaming apps have gained importance over the last few years. But there are just a handful applications that have managed to grab the attention of the audience. One among them that has gained prominence is the ShowBox APK. It is a multi-platform universal application that allows users to get free access to video content. It is considered to be a flawless app that gives its users unlimited access to free movies.

If you are a huge movie buff, almost like an addict, then I might not be wrong in saying you are very much familiar with Showbox APK app. This application keeps you engaged in streaming movies and TV shows from your Smartphones, tablets and in some cases even from your desktop.


  • The app is compatible with Windows, iPhone, Android.
  • Mobile storage space does not get impacted on using the app continuously.
  • Pirated contents are kept at bay and all the content available on the app are legal
  • All the categories are available on the Showbox app to search and filter.

Steps to download Showbox on Android

  • First, tap on the Settings icon on your phone and scroll down to the Apps selection-move to chrome icon next.
  • Tap on Chrome, and then scroll down to the Install Unknown Apps selection. A slider on the right next to the “Allow from this source” label will appear.
  • Search the internet, via Chrome, for ShowBox for Android APK files and tap on the reliable link.
  • The ShowBox app itself will then ask you if you want to install the app on your phone along with a list of permissions. Finally click on ‘install’. Now you can easily search for your favourite movies and shows and keep enjoying it on the app.

Benefits of using Showbox Apk:   

  1. No registration drama

The best part of this application is that you do not have to sign up or complete any application form online or register with your personal details like name, phone number, and email id unlike other applications. The only thing that you are required to do is just simply download it and start browsing your favourite movies.

  1. Free Installation

Showbox Apk is completely free of cost. You might initially find it hard to believe, and doubt that the brand might add some hidden charges but be relaxed nothing as such will happen. Other movie apps often charge huge amount but your favourite Showbox app saves you from spending a penny.

  1. Easy to access

Downloading this amazing application is also not as hard and tedious like the other apps. You can complete the download and installation process in just a few minutes. The app however is not officially available on any of the app markets but there is a solution to it as well. At first you can download android emulator, and then the app can be downloaded accordingly on the non-Android device without much difficulty.

  1. Latest content

Showbox Apk overwhelms its users with a wide choice of recently released movies that can also be downloaded and saved for later watch. The major highlight of the app is the list of TV series that can be downloaded through it. The developers have quite recently managed to include some lists of music tracks that can be easily downloaded. Moreover the video resolution and quality is no less than its HD counterpart.

  1. Time Saving

The Showbox iOS app accumulates stream from diverse sources that gives you a chance to stream any of your video, movies or show over the web sitting wherever you are. This definitely saves a lot of your time. Moreover, Showbox Apk shows fewer or no advertisements at all and this is definitely a bonus and a huge relief.

  1. User-Friendly

 The app comes with a lot of features including fast forward, pause, start or stop while streaming the video as per your preferences. It is a user-friendly app as it gives you the freedom to watch movies, shows or videos without logging in and there are no unnecessary pop-ups. Thus, users are saved from typing in log in details and get distracted.

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