Can Technology Help You To Become A Better Poker Player?

But don’t get downhearted, there is technology out there to make you a better poker player.

I’ve explained how technology used by online casinos and offered by poker HUDs help you to understand your hands, teaching what they are and when to play them.

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Shows you the strength of your hands

One of the broadest and simplest ways that technology helps you become a better player is that it shows you the strength of your hands – the most basic trick for improving your game.

Online casinos and poker sites have technology that shows you what your cards are worth.

How this looks may depend on the specific site you use – Bet365 casino, a leading poker site according to this review, might display your hand differently to 888, a top poker site according to yours truly.

But what you can expect to see is a list of the strongest hands you can make – based on all cards having been dealt out and every round of betting completed.

This affords you the chance to review your cards against the best hands (something you don’t get from a land casino) and tells you whether you have a strong hand or a weak one.

Teaches you how to play your hands

A clear benefit your poker game gets from technology is an appreciation of how to play your hands – the key to winning games or losing them.

Poker HUDs are pieces of technology that record data when you play poker.

The range and type of data you get. Holdem Manager 2, a top HUD according to this review, focuses on slightly different things than PokerTracker, the leading HUD according to me.

But what you’ll get from your chosen HUD is a piece of software that keeps a record of how you and your opponents behave – from how aggressive you are to how likely they are to fold to a c-bet.

This gives you the ability to look into the future (a quality you simply don’t get when you’re playing offline) by giving you information that what’s likely to happen if you play your cards in a certain way – in other words, it teaches you how to play your hands.

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I’ve focussed on just two ways that technology can help you become a better poker player, honing in on the ways that it allows you to manage your hands better.

However, technology can allow you to find leaks in your game, track your progress, and decide if it’s time to move up in the stakes – all of which are vital to improving the way you play poker.

The right question isn’t whether technology can help you become a better player – the answer to that is a resounding yes – the question is what aspect of your game do you want to develop.

That’s something I can’t answer.

But what I can tell you is that whatever element of your poker game you want to focus on, technology can help – all you need to do is allow it to do so.

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