SaveFromNet: Download Videos From YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, & More Sites

Introduction to Savefromnet

Savefromnet allows users to download audio and video files directly from the sites. Savefromnet is the best platform to download video and audio from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, facebook, Vk, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many similar sites. It also helps to convert and download YouTube videos to Mp3 for free. It is one of the oldest and reliable free YouTube downloader and converter. Savefromnet is free and easy to use so everyone can enjoy free video downloading service from it.

Users don’t need to install any additional software on their PC or mobile to download videos from the internet and all other major sites. Savefromnet supports over 25 sites to download media files in video and audio format. All social networking sites don’t allow users to download media content directly so savefromnet helps to download media files such sites. A user just has to copy the URL of the media file and paste on savefromnet homepage and hit the download button. No ads, no payment, no redirected links and you will be able to download movies, music videos, mp3, movie clips, other videos, and many more. You can download such content from the websites listed savefromnet without any trouble. 


Savefromnet doesn’t any desktop client or mobile application but its website service can be used on every desktop and mobile device. Although, it is available as browser extension including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and some others so you can have easy access to savefromnet for easy download. So enjoy free HD quality video downloading with savefromnet.

How to Download Videos Using Savefromnet

As we said earlier, the process of downloading videos from websites using savefromnot is super easy. In a few very simple steps, you will be able to download videos and mp3 files. Given below are the processes of downloading files from the internet with savefromnet easily.

Method 1 – How to use Savefromnet to download videos for free 

Step #1 – Open and play any video or audio file on a website like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other sites.

Step #2 – By playing the video or audio file you will get the exact URL of the content. Here, you have to copy the URL. 

Step #3 – Now just paste the URL on the homepage of savefromnet in the given option and click on the enter option.

Step #4 – Now you shall be shown an option to download the file so click on it and download the file on your device.

Method 2 – Shortcut to download videos with savefromnet (changing the URL)

Now, if you don’t want to copy and paste method but prefer a shortcut way to download from the internet with savfromnet then you can use this method. 

Step #1 – Open and play any video or audio file on a website like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other sites.

Step #2 – Click on the link and just add “” or “” before the link and click the enter button.

For example –

Or to download from YouTube, you can also ass “ss” in the link without removing “www” and you will be redirected to the download page. 

For example,

Method 3 – Savefromnet browser extension

This process of downloading videos using savefromnet is an even quicker method than both previous methods. Here, you have to install the browser add-on or extension that is available for the respective browser and download video or audio using savefromnet in a single click.

Step #1 – Just add browser extension of savefromnet on your browser.

Supportable browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and Yandex.Browser.

Step #2 – So with the extension installed on your browser whenever you are browsing sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any sites supportable with savefromnet, you shall see an option to download the audio or video file. To download the file click on the option and your file will be downloaded within minutes without any further process.

Final Words

This is how you can download video files and audio files using savefromnet. It is the most used and popular web application to download files from the internet. So now download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites with savefromnet easily. 

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