RubMaps: Best Massage Parlor Sites Like RubMaps

It was the time when RubMaps was the best source for massage parlors; people get the health benefits from it. RubMaps was the first and the only sites that stand on reviews of different massage techniques including the famous Thai massage and Asian massage parlors.  Almost the whole world was introduced with the different type of massage parlor because of forums posting in RubMaps.

The main reason to RubMaps popularity is that it provides the unique techniques of the Massage parlor and also help with the legal massage parlor therapy and because of the professional massages methods Rubmaps got the positive feedback from reputed customers. But what happens to

If you are the Australian citizen or living in United State then you are not able to use the RubMaps services because of the FOSTA-SESTA incident affect the website and take down by the Law. There are many other sites which facilitated or advertised comes under the list of adults services are taken down by FOSTA-SESTA and RubMaps is one of them.

If you are looking for the subpage of RubMaps then it is available on the website which allows accessing the forum in order to check reviews & posts updated on a forum which is not confirm that it works for long term or not.

USA President Donald Trump React On RubMaps

On April 2018 the President of United States Donald Trump marked into law what is generally known as the FOSTA-SESTA bill package. Proposed to be against unsocial dealing enactment, the bills have drawn enormous analysis from ladies’ rights gatherings, which guarantee that the new principles push unethical labourers towards increasingly risky working conditions. So as to comprehend these risks, it is critical to think about how this bill fits into a more extensive discussion about non social work and its contemporary implications.

The FOSTA-SESTA enactment alters Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which permits suppliers of intuitive PC administrations to be considered responsible for the substance that is posted on their sites if the substance is viewed as publicizing prostitution. As such, if notice for non-social work is found on Craigslist, the site’s administrators will confront the results.

FOSTA-SESTA may have been passed and made law with the best of aims; nonetheless, what sex specialists need is neither pampering nor badgering by the law, however, a basic acknowledgement of their work and the ability to control their working conditions simply like the remainder of us.

FOSTA-SESTA controversial bill has already impacted different websites which are connected with the world of the internet such as Google, Craigslist, Reddit and many other which is just the begging of package.

Best Alternatives Sites Like RubMaps

1#. DoubleList:

The Doublelist is a site for personals promotions and finding easygoing items. In the event that you utilized RubMaps to simply post promotions for nothing, at that point this is site is something you should look at. About a year prior this site was an apparition town, yet it’s since gotten steam and has snatched up the vast majority of the personals displaced people.

2#. Spa Hunters:

This site is a huge forum website just like Rubmaps that gives individuals a chance to remark and rate the spots they’ve utilized and cherished. In the event that you have a golf game that completions early, or are visiting another town and need to discover something uncommon to do, Spa Hunters can enable you to out.


Switter works kinda like Twitter, yet just expert laborers can have profiles. You can pursue your preferred subjects and like their ‘toots’. At whatever point they post you’ll get refreshes in your news channel and see their most recent insights, or any exceptional rates of back rubs. It’s a splendid system that adds another measurement to acquiring and a vibe that is shockingly better than Rubmaps as I would see it.

4#. EroticMP:

EroticMp is another of the best websites like Rubmaps that discover massage parlor feedbacks and review forums. This site has genuine massage parlor surveys that will enable you to choose for yourself which ones are crude and which ones are legitimate. By utilizing this site, you can discover the parlors that offer the administrations you need and shield you from paying pointless expenses.

5#. AAMP maps:

In case you’re searching for a glad consummation massage parlor in the place where you grew up or any area you may visit, you can discover one with AAMP maps which is Rubmaps alternative. On the off chance that you need to be massaged by a delightful Asian lady use AAMP maps. The surveys on this site let you find out about the quality and expenses of a wide range of massage, for example, Nuru, prostate, body to body, and hot massage. In the event that you become a part on AAMP maps, you access exceptional highlights that let you seek by close to home tastes and needs.

6#. Ashley Madison:

Ashley Madison is one of the leading sites for woman and man which allow the user to satisfy with the need or want as then entered into the website as Rubmaps. It has a huge number of dynamic clients from everywhere throughout the world, making it incredibly well known. Be that as it may, even as a standout amongst the best careful destinations on the web, it merits finding the highlights accessible on different locales.

7#. MPReviews:

MPReviews has been posting top-notch surveys since 2001 which allow this site listed under the alternative list of RubMaps. They know a ton about glad endings and Parlour massage. This site gives you extraordinary tips on the most proficient method to encounter a fruitful message and tells you about the shrouded expenses before you burn through the entirety of your well-deserved money.


In this article, we discuss the real work of Rubmaps website and the bad effect of this site by the Law which turn down this massage parlor website. There are many other sited except the alternative list of Rubmaps which we added in this article if you have visited any one of them then shares your experience with us. You can even share the return news of Rubmaps original website if it is possible in the future. We hope that you get the knowledge to keep safe your family or friend by misusing of websites such as Rubmaps website and get in trouble.

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