Top r/soccerstreams Alternatives for live streaming 2021

If you are already a pro-Redditt user and also a soccer fan then you might know what r/soccerstreams is and what it does. If you are wondering what is r/soccerstreams then let me tell you what it is. r/SoccerStreams is a subreddit page where football fans can get a live streaming link of ongoing soccer matches in the world. But since a few times, Reddit is targeting such subreddit and that is why we would like to offers you some of the best alternatives to r/soccerstreams to watch soccer live as well as all the other games.

Whether you are looking for good websites to see your favorite content without paying half a cent or because you need to master similar players to create yours, In any case, there are a lot of free live sports streaming sites where you can watch many live streaming events. So, let’s get started.

Best Alternatives to r/soccerstreams to Watch Soccer Live 2021


Starting with the list of websites to watch sports live and the top alternative to r/soccerstreams, Stream2Watch is one of the strongest in its style. With it, you will be able to view and enjoy quality content, including broadcasts in high definition and totally live, since they are taken from the most important television channels in the world. Get ready to watch tournaments, watch great championships, not miss a world cup, watch the Olympics, among many others.

On the other hand, Stream2Watch transmits all its content through a rather particular streaming system. We love it because you can view various channels and broadcasts by opening several windows in the browser, without having to pause your favorite game at the moment they are playing it. However, you may come across some commercials, other than the commercial breaks that are included within each broadcast.

Live TV

Among the most organized and elementary proposals, Live TV has the advantage in a considerable way. And, this incredible platform provides you with thousands of live channels so you can watch your favorite sports matches, but defined in the European context. Venue, tournaments and major championships of the most popular leagues in the world are available in this option and you can choose your language, as there are five of them to choose from. So this could be one of the best similar platforms like r/soccerstreams to watch live soccer.

Meanwhile, Live TV organizes the broadcasts through various tabs. These are selected by the channel, as well as by the party to be broadcast at the time. Like the previous one, it is a free option that, although it acquires its signal from various recognized sports channels, is made via streaming so that you can enjoy them without stops. You can access the platform from any country in the world, as it has no restrictions like other similar ones.


Although another quality platform similar to r/soccerstreams that primarily focuses on football live streaming is BatmanStream. Here, you will be able to enjoy thousands of live and real-time broadcasts of the most spectacular sports matches around the world. This includes major tournaments and world cups, as well as the Olympics and international championships. Likewise, you can select the transmission channel, as well as the feed of each of the regions.

To make matters best, BatmanStream works very well on all types of devices, including smartphones and desktops, since they work directly from the browser and with an internet connection. In any case, it is a free online sports streaming site where you should not pay for anything since all transmissions are without subscriptions or payment fees. However, as we told you at the beginning, there are certain countries that have banned the site from their territories.


Continuing in the field of streaming, StreamSports is a site that has no loss, mainly because there is no discrimination regarding the location of the tournament or the sport that is running. The platform includes European and American sports, including the most important cups and matches from around the world. These can be broadcast on the most popular channels of all, as well as those that are simple but offer subtitles.

The best thing about StreamSports is that you can find categories by channels, by matches, by schedules and even by sport since you have a lot to select from. Now, like several similar services, they offer ads and advertisements that are positioned on the sides and in videos and broadcasts, which could take part in the usability of the platform. This r/soccerstreams alternative is really better at offering live soccer streaming as well as other sports for free.


But among the list of alternatives to r/soccerstreams, it takes a little more than online streaming sites. LiveSoccerTV has a little bit of everything to offer you. Starting with their channels, all the sports available are played fully live and in real-time so you don’t miss them as they are just happening. You can choose the channel that you like the most, as well as select those proposals in several languages and even with translations, to make it easier to understand everything.

In addition, LiveSoccerTV has a great success by incorporating other options to take advantage of.  There are interactive areas such as forums to discuss everything that happens with other users. There is also an education space where you can discover more information about the matches, their history, interesting facts, definitions, biographies, and a lot of additional features that you cannot miss. Just like its name says, it is all about soccer streaming.


Another great alternative to r/soccerstreams is Arenavision. In fact, it is the main sports streaming platform with which you can view thousands of matches, tournaments, and championships in real-time. You can choose the language, as well as the channels you like the most to view them from there. Similarly, you have the opportunity to select the quality, whether you have a device with 4K resolution and if the signal provides it, then take advantage of it.


Despite being a pirated site, VipBox has thousands of active users due to the quality of the services they provide from all directions. Starting with the quality of reproduction, being able to choose between 4K, HD, and Full HD. On the other hand, you also have the option to select the language of the transmission, since there are up to 7 of them and you only choose the one that you like the most. If we go for the price, it is a free service and without hidden prices, although there are some advertisements. It is a great r/soccerstreams alternative because just like r/soccerstreams, it shows the schedule of all the upcoming soccer matches and tournaments.

My P2P

With My P2P, you will be able to view thousands of incredible games, be they sports and including all kinds of disciplines, including baseball, soccer, and basketball. But the highlight is that in this r/soccerstreams alternative, all live streaming events are found by links. These are located on other servers, something similar to torrents and you just have to select the one you like best to be able to view it from there. If any are expired, then options are added to select them.


Although ESPN is not a platform that offers it all services for free but it is worth it from the first moment because it offers spectacular sports broadcasts. You have the opportunity to select the available channels offered by the chain and view them in the original language, as well as choose translations. Now, with this r/soccerstreams, you will be able to enjoy tournaments, matches, world championships, and even incredible great disciplines. So, you should be adding it to your exclusive list.

Final words

Watch your favorite soccer match, don’t miss the league tournament of the moment, get streaming broadcasts, and more with the alternatives to r/soccerstreams. All these r/soccerstreams alternatives are available for free and offer live football or soccer streaming at no cost. In addition, you will be getting many more other sports games to watch live. So, give a try to these r/soccerstreams alternatives in 2021 and watch soccer live.

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