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After the Openload crash, millions of users worldwide were left in the middle of nowhere.  Important files of users were lost. It is never easy to recover them and the consequences are still being felt, as all the information could not be saved. Despite this, there are many other free alternatives to Openload that adapt to the rules of the game, but it is easy to use reliable and trusted Openload alternatives so you never lost your files due to sudden shutdown. With this legal file-hosting sites like Openload, you will do quite well in the world of storage.


In fact, before it even existed, there was already another cluster of services that offered good platforms in the field of the online file hosting. Many of them are still standing through thick and thin and others were born in those processes. So here, we are going to tell some of the best alternatives to Openload in 2021.

Best Cloud Storage and Openload Alternatives


Nothing like starting with Mediafire as it can be one of the best alternatives to Openload. It falls under the category of platforms that managed to survive copyright attacks, as they understood the warning and adapted to the law. In it, you have up to 50GB of storage completely free, where you can expand that level up to 1TB, only by subscribing to a special plan. It has its own application for Android and iOS smartphones.

On the other hand, MediaFire will allow you to create shared folders, share the links of your files, and keep a complete track of how many times it has been downloaded, an extremely useful strategy. Also, if you like to make downloads and uploads much faster, then you can opt for Premium plans that elevate these possibilities for you, depending on the portfolio you select. It is one of the best alternatives in its style at the moment. So, give this Openload alternative.

Google Drive

You probably already know Drive, Google’s storage service with millions of subscribed users. As for privacy and security, this is the best alternative because it is based on Google accounts, which hosts all its platforms. You have up to 15 GB in their free plan, but you can increase that figure much more if you buy a Premium subscription of the different ones that are available. This could be one of the best legal and trusted alternatives to Openload.

Just like Openload, it will let you share folders or files through the “shared links” function, which generates a player that takes them directly to it. Although if you want to provide other custom privileges, you can create folders with users, which will allow you to add other people to make changes, edit and modify everything. It’s compatible with Google Suite to make changes to documents, among other great options.


It’s impossible to overlook Dropbox, one of the top similar sites like Openload on the market. While its free storage capacity leaves a lot to be desired, if we compare it to other options, that’s a detail that is offset by the price. And is that, basic users have only 2GB to save their important files. But by paying a fee on their various plans offered, that amount can go up to full 1TB.

In this sense, Dropbox is compatible with thousands of cell phone applications, which use it as a secure database, as it provides protection against cyberattacks. You can be sure that your files will be protected, so if you decide to share them through the link, you just have to activate that option and work solved. Now, as it is a multiplatform service, you can access it from any browser or on computers and cell phones.

Microsoft OneDrive

Directly from the hand of the technology giant, OneDrive has been fighting the world of cloud storage so, it can be a great file hosting alternative to Openload. This platform provides us with up to 5GB free to store what we want, be it videos, photos, images, programs, applications, and any content that does not violate copyright. The latter is an action that the company took to keep its back, as these types of services are widely used for piracy.

It should be noted that Microsoft OneDrive works wonderfully on Windows and Mac desktop computers, in addition to having an impressive presence in the cell phone market through its applications. You can add shared folders for a limited number of users to make changes, although this number can be high through a superior subscription plan. With them, it will also be a possibility to obtain more space.

iCloud Drive

Apple never ceases to amaze us, mainly because they have decided to provide autonomy to their devices from all areas. iCloud Drive is its cloud service that provides you with up to 5 GB free to save all the files you want. Initially, photographs and videos, which is what users usually demand. But that is not exclusive, especially if they acquire a high plan, where the maximum capacity will give up to 2TB full to do what you want.

In addition, iCloud Drive is compatible with its entire catalog of smart devices, be it its line of cell phones, tablets, desktops, and even its renowned Apple TV. Well, it is a little trickier to host files on this than Openload but still, it can be a great file hosting alternative to Openload. The highlight of it is that its weight is practically nil and consumes few system resources because the installation is super simple. It is compatible with competitive computers such as Windows, among other great proposals that we can enjoy from its tools.

Amazon Drive

We have seen how the previous alternatives to Openload give us one or another gigabyte to save our files. And for many users, this is not enough. For that reason, Amazon Drive will become the most promising option, since you can buy up to 50 TB to save and host absolutely everything you can think of. Of course, you will have to pay for a professional subscription plan, although there is a catalog with several options that will help you to choose.

In fact, Amazon Drive offers us a special plan for photographs, which offers UNLIMITED storage, as long as you dedicate yourself to saving images and photos with the formats supported by the platform. The free version does not differ much from others since it only gives us 5GB, but comparing it with the relationship between costs and after analyzing the benefits, it is worth having as one of the strongest proposals in that area.


Some platforms, such as Box, are worth it to invest a lot in our privacy and security. This option has an AES encryption system, in which, if you do not have the special key for it, it will be impossible for you to download the files or that you can even access them. You have 10 GB of free storage, although you will not be able to load items that weigh more than 250MB, as that is a limitation established by the company. Well, if you want to upload high-quality movies than this could match the features of Openload.


If you liked the privacy system offered by Box, then you will really like FlipDrive. In fact, it is quite similar in its multiple functions, since you also have 10GB to store everything you want. By subscribing to special plans, it is possible to expand that space and thus have a secure vault to protect your secret and private files, although that is not their only possibility. In addition, you can download it to your phone and synchronize the hosted files. FlipDrive is already being used by many users as among the top Openload alternatives already so you can rely on it.

Bottom line

Save files, create backups, back up your documents, protect them with encryption, add passwords, and host your movies and TV series with these alternatives to Openload. Like that server, they will allow us to create shared links with special protection. While others will be dedicated to storing only items that weigh less than the established limit. But they are all really effective in keeping our stuff protected and well-supported too.

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