Is the RojaDirectaTV App Still Available in 2024?

RojaDirectaTV is an app that allowed users to stream live sports content from the popular sports streaming website RojaDirecta. At its peak popularity, the app provided easy access to RojaDirecta’s extensive catalog of live sports streams on mobile devices.

However, due to ongoing legal issues surrounding copyright infringement, the status of both the RojaDirecta website and RojaDirectaTV app is currently unclear in 2024.

Background on RojaDirecta

RojaDirecta is a website that indexed and linked to streams of live sporting events being broadcast online without the permission of the relevant sports leagues and broadcasters.

The site, which was extremely popular across Europe and Latin America, did not host any content itself but provided links to streams hosted on third-party sites. It generated revenue from advertising displayed on the site.

RojaDirecta has been involved in numerous legal battles over the years and has faced criticism for enabling access to unauthorized streams of copyrighted content.

Legal Troubles Lead to Uncertain Status

In recent years, RojaDirecta has faced increased legal pressure:

  • Blocked in Spain: In 2016, a Spanish court ordered internet service providers in the country to block access to RojaDirecta. This came after a legal complaint from media company Mediapro.
  • Blocked in Denmark: In 2019, RojaDirecta was ordered blocked by a Danish court following a lawsuit from RettighedsAlliancen, an anti-piracy group.
  • $500k Damages Awarded in Italy: In 2022, an Italian court ruled that RojaDirecta must pay over $500,000 in damages to broadcaster Mediaset for copyright infringement.
  • Criminal Charges in Spain: RojaDirecta’s operator is facing criminal charges in Spain related to intellectual property violations. If convicted, he could face several years in prison.

As a result of mounting legal troubles, the status of both the RojaDirecta website and accompanying RojaDirectaTV mobile app is uncertain as of early 2024.

The RojaDirecta website currently displays a message stating that the site is “under maintenance” and will return soon. However, the site has remained inaccessible for an extended period, over a year at this point.

What Happened to the RojaDirectaTV App?

The RojaDirectaTV app followed a similar trajectory to the main RojaDirecta website. The app provided a convenient way for users to access RojaDirecta streams on their mobile devices.

At its peak, the Android version of RojaDirectaTV had over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store. However, as RojaDirecta began facing more legal heat, the app slowly faded from availability.

Here is a timeline of what happened to RojaDirectaTV:

  • Launch in 2013: RojaDirectaTV first launched on the Google Play Store in 2013 and quickly gained popularity. An iOS version was also released.
  • Removed from App Stores: As RojaDirecta encountered growing legal issues around 2017-2018, RojaDirectaTV was removed from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • 3rd Party APK Downloads: For a while, Android users could still install RojaDirectaTV via third-party APK download sites. However, most of these links eventually stopped working.
  • Discontinued in 2020: Based on online reports, it appears the RojaDirectaTV app was discontinued altogether sometime around 2020. The app’s social media accounts have been inactive since then.

While immensely popular for several years, the RojaDirectaTV app followed the fate of the main RojaDirecta website and is no longer functional as of 2024. The app has vanished from app stores and third-party download links no longer work.

Are There Any Working Alternatives?

With the demise of both RojaDirecta and RojaDirectaTV, users have had to seek out alternatives for streaming live sports.

Most experts do not recommend using unauthorized streaming sites due to the legal risks and potential security vulnerabilities. Instead, here are some popular legal alternatives for streaming sports content online:

  • ESPN+: ESPN’s streaming service provides live streams and on-demand replays of various sports leagues and events.
  • DAZN: Another popular sports streaming platform with coverage of top soccer leagues, boxing, and other sports.
  • Peacock: NBC’s streaming service offers extensive Premier League soccer coverage.
  • Paramount+: Features live CBS/Paramount broadcasts of NFL games, Champions League matches, and more.
  • FuboTV: Live TV streaming service with an emphasis on sports, including many international soccer leagues.

The legal streaming landscape continues to evolve rapidly. While paid services, they provide high-quality streams without the legal risks of unauthorized sites.

The Future of Sports Streaming

While the loss of RojaDirecta leaves a gap for fans seeking convenient access to live sports streams, authorized streaming platforms continue working to make more content available legally online.

Sports leagues and broadcasters have accelerated their efforts in recent years to combat piracy and bring more events directly to fans through official apps and streaming packages.

However, some observers believe the sports streaming ecosystem remains over-complicated and expensive from a consumer perspective. Striking the right balance between affordability and content breadth presents an ongoing challenge.

Ultimately, legal pressure makes it unlikely streaming sites like RojaDirecta will reemerge in their previous form. However, the underlying consumer demand for affordable online access to sports isn’t going away anytime soon.

The coming years promise to bring continued innovation and fragmentation in the sports streaming landscape – for better or worse. Fans must weigh costs, convenience, and legality as they navigate the myriad streaming options at their disposal.

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