16 Best rabb.it alternatives to watch videos with your friends in 2021

As you are here finding the best alternatives to find to watch videos with your friends then you might familiar that rabb.it has been shut down. Many of the users are finding the best working rabb.it alternatives. So if you are just a random visitor who doesn’t really know what rabbit was the let us tell you about it.

rabb.it alternatives

Rabbit or rabb.it was basically a mix between discord and watched together. Rabb.it was basically an online website that could allow your friends and yourself to chat with each other, whether it be with text or with voice, but to also browse the internet and watch videos together on a virtual machine or a virtual computer that anyone could take control of. You can create a group on the site by creating an account and your whole group can watch the video at the same time in real-time. So yes, it has, unfortunately, taken down by its developers but what are the reasons? Why rabb.it is shut down?

Before we get into the top rabb.it alternatives you should know why your favorite website is not available. Well, the CEO of the company actually wrote on her LinkedIn page a statement or an article regarding the situation. She went into detail as to what happened, what were the different processes of the company and why it’s shutting down. According to Amanda Richardson, Rabbit CEO, rabb.it is shutting down due to lack of funding and basically not being able to get enough money to fund the website, the servers, and the employees. These are the reasons why it’s shutting down.

The whole statement of her is very lengthy and consists of technical words so we would leave it but another thing was also revealed that all the patents, software stack, and intellectual properties have been bought by Kast and the site is available as of now. So let’s start with rabb.it alternatives.

Top rabb.it alternatives to watch movies and videos with friends online


When we are talking about the best alternatives to rabb.it then Kast will come at the top in the list. As we mentioned above that all the remnants of rabb.it have been acquired by Kast legally and Kast has been live on the internet for the last few months. It provides the same feature and even experiences like rabbit. You can add more than 100 friends to a party and watch movies with them. Plus, video chat, voice chat, text chat, and sharing are the part of the Kast just like rabb.it. So without a doubt, if you are looking for the best rabb.it alternatives then Kast is the best rabb.it alternatives you could ask for. Kast is available for Windows and Mac for free.


If you want to watch short videos from a website like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, use Watch2gether. Literally, all you do is click ‘Create your room’, click on the dotted button to find the website you want to find the video you want to watch and just search for the video (you know the rest). You do not need to create an account so you can host movies and games on watch2gether without signing up. Also, you can click on the username you’ve been given and change it into whatever nickname you want to use. It’s kind of like how Rabb.it used to let people make a nickname for them so they could anonymously start a room without having to create an account. Alternatively, you could make yourself an account just by using this sign up page, and then start the stream of your videos, while still being able to invite your friends. So watch2gether can be one of the best rabb.it alternatives.


Another best website like the rabbit is Metastream. Like Watch2gether, you can anonymously create a stream by clicking on ‘Start Session’, but here are a few differences: First of all, you have to come up with a nickname for yourself. So just enter any nickname for yourself and then click ‘start session’ in order to set up the video event, go onto Google (your account will be connected if you have one) and you can use any source at all to find the footage that you want to watch. Also, there’s an entire desktop app version of Metastream, so you could have the window of what you’re watching with your friends while monitoring stuff going in something like a Discord server just to chat with people. Metastream could the top rabb.it alternatives you can try.

Best rabb.it alternatives

These are the best three similar sites like rabb.it but there are lots of other sites that you may want to try as the top best rabb.it alternatives.

  • Simulchat
  • TogetherTube
  • AndChill
  • Rave
  • TV
  • Netflix Party
  • ShareTube
  • Synaptop
  • Airtime
  • Togethr TV
  • Syncplay

Try any of the sites given in the article to host and watch movies, videos, and games with your friends and let us know in the comment box which one do you like the most. If you know any other sites other than we mentioned above then let us know.

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